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AmericaneLiquidStore is proud to be a manufacturer of eLiquid for DuraSmoke brand electronic cigarettes. This partnership with another American-based electronic cigarette brand allows us to do more than just create eLiquid for DuraSmoke however, it also allows us to retail DuraSmoke products in our store! Take a gander at the great selection of DuraSmoke products below if you're someone who just wants to be able to twist and go when it comes to your eCigarette.

DuraSmoke eCigarettes don't need liquid to be refilled or special parts to work - they're a plain and simple eCig with a great flavor that's also long lasting. When the flavor runs out, just replace the old Dura Cartomizer with a fresh one from a five pack and continue on right away! It's truly the easiest, highest quality eCig on the market. Plus, because DuraSmoke is also committed to quality, each DuraSmoke eCig comes complete with a rechargeable battery, so you don't have to waste money on a completely new unit every time!