Customer Applause






At AmericaneLiquidStore, we're exceptionally proud of the way we've built our business. Everything from the products stocked on our shelves to our enthusiastic customer service representatives exudes quality -which is something we stand by every day. Take a look below at some of the kind notes we've received from customers and remember that these are only a few: we get more and more all the time!

The only thing left to say is thank you: from our business to all of the customers who show their appreciation by sending us notes, telling their friends or simply caring enough to order from us again. We appreciate you!


“I wanted this posted on your customer applause page: Quinton is the BEST customer service rep out there and your entire team is out of this world! I had trouble ordering online due to a recent move and address problems with my bank. Quinton not only took my order over the phone, he also included a free sample of the Mentho-Mint for me to try. I will not be ordering my eLiquid from anywhere else! You have a customer for life and, if the business information comes with my order, you will have many more new customers from my workplace! I made the mistake of ordering Green Smoke, but I will be ordering one of your kits when I get paid again, on the first. Your company is by far the best!”

-Renee H.


“I just wanted to leave a quick note to let you guys at AmericaneLiquidStore know that your customer service is incredible. I am more than satisfied and you will be my sole supplier for all things vape! Quinton made everything easy. Thanks for the truly professional service: it’s rare these days!”

-Michael T.


“I just had to drop a line to say thank you: your company, as a whole, is truly awesome! I love your products and customer service. The added personal touch of signing your shipments is great: I thought that was a lost art in this day and age. Please keep up the GREAT work and thanks again.”

-David S.


“Your company and customer service department is the best of the best. I recently had a problem and I got the friendliest and most helpful gentlemen possible when I called -I believe his name was Dan. This is the second time I have contacted you about something and both times you guys were great. I've looked around and found that you might find you save a few pennies with some other company, but I believe you get what you pay for and when you figure in the cost of shipping with a competitor, you’re not saving anything by going elsewhere. I also love, love, love your eLiquid: the flavors are the greatest. I just can't say enough about how great your company is. If only all companies cared as much about their customer service as you did... Thanks again, I will always recommend your company to everyone and have already many times.

-April A.


“This is for the Customer Applause portion of your website: I will not rest until I have everything your online store has to offer. Seriously, I am that impressed. It seems like with vaping there seems to be a learning curve. Your site seems to make everything so affordable that it's even ok when I "miss." Your customer service is top-notch also. It's like the "perfect" restaurant or fast food place. They get the order wrong? Presto, it's fixed, no problem! But when everything goes right what is there to complain about anyway? That is true customer service! I haven't had a problem yet, which is why I will keep coming back. And, maybe someday, I will have a problem but I am pretty sure you guys will fix it. This site rocks!”

-Jason P.


“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful customer service that your company provides. I have dealt with other companies that I will not mention, but if I called them with a problem or concern, they were actually rude to me. I will continue to be a customer for a long time to come. Keep up the good work!”

-Chris E.


“I don't normally write reviews due to time constraints, but these guys deserve the praise. I have learned the hard way that before I buy a product I call customer service and see how well they know their products, how eager they are to help and that they are an American company that speaks, English!”

“I was very satisfied with the pre-order call and have been very happy with their products and service. They carry the best e-cigs and their eLiquids can't be beat. Shipping times are fast and communication with the company has been fantastic. I even ordered the wrong cartomizer by mistake and didn't realize until I went to fill it. I wrote them an e-mail just to make sure that I had gotten the wrong one -I was going to order and pay for the correct one. Not only did they send me the right one free, they included a mega cartomizer for me to try! How's that for customer care?”

“Great job guys: thanks for a job well done. Now, I just have one problem… which flavor do I try next?”

-James P.


“I received my products and the service was superior with superior product quality. Now that’s the American way!”

-Michael P.


“Just wanted to say thanks for the sample. I had asked if you folks had the tobacco flavor, but in "mild" as I did not see it listed on your site. You sent me a 10ml sample with my last order and I do indeed like it. I will order this next time. You folks are great and it's nice to see there are still folks out there who know the concept of customer service. Thanks again!”

-Stanley P.


“Thank you so much, AmericaneLiquidStore staff! I love your unbelievably SUPERIOR customer service. I WILL be a repeat customer for life and I'll definitely tell anyone I know who vapes or who hasn’t made the switch yet that AmericaneLiquidStore is the ONLY place to go for a complete, 200% satisfaction guarantee and great service. Thank you again for going ABOVE & BEYOND my expectations.”

-Sid V.


“You guys are amazing. I have looked for other American-based companies that specialize in VG eLiquid and I have not found a better company than you guys! Thank you so much!”



“I love your stuff! I love Butter Rum, Tobacco-Clove, Coffee, Tobacco-Sweet and cannot wait to try more! I even bought kits for both of my kids and have a friend who just ordered a kit from you too, as well as another who should be putting in her order this week, hopefully today. I have not smoked a nasty cigarette or worn a patch in 26 days! Yes, I wore the patch (for 6 years) and smoked and it's ridiculous how amazing I feel now!”

-Tammy S.


“You guys rock! Thanks so much for the continued excellent service; I recommend your company anytime anyone asks me about my ecig. Even if they already have another brand, I always give them your name in case they ever want to switch.”

-Lynn Y.


“I just recently received my sample pack, topped off a cart and was truly amazed by the amount of vapor and the burst of flavor. I've purchased liquid from another company in the past and I'm still new to vaping, but I know where I'll buy my next batch from! Thanks for the pleasure: you’re the best so far.”

-Frank B.


“This review is more about the customer service here... though the Blackberry Champagne is awesome! I had an issue with my order and Dan from customer service contacted me very quickly and worked with me to solve it beyond my expectations. The issue could easily have been just my taste, but he was totally understanding and helpful. If you are looking for a company where customer satisfaction is top priority, look no further, for this company is the best I have seen!”



“Wow. I was having some trouble using the atomizers that came with the eGo:  weak, inconsistent vapor being the most important thing. I wasn't sure if I wasn't filling the atomizer carts right, whether there was a problem with my vaping technique or whether it was a battery charging problem.”

“Then I saw the videos under the "FAQ" section where he lays down some knowledge about cartomizers vs. atomizers. I bought this 5 pack of cartomizers and filled them up the way the video showed me... and that's it!  These are the key to long lasting, consistent vaping with thick clouds of killer vapor. And they last for, from what I can see, hours and hours.”

“Thanks again for fast, prompt service and the knowledge to do this right! Now I can toss out my cigarettes for good!  WHOO HOO!”



“These guys are amazing. I ordered the sample pack and some cartomizers. Upon receiving, I realized that they had missed one of the flavors and they shipped a replacement with no questions asked. That kind of customer service is awesome and definitely has me hooked as a customer.”