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Black Clove eLiquid

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    Tank Crack BannerThis e Liquid is modeled after one of the greatest tasting clove cigarettes ever made. It’s a strong, sharp flavor that requires a seasoned taste for clove and a love of black licorice. You’ll either love it or hate it, there’s really no in between. It’s impossible to be impartial about Black Clove e Liquid, so give it a try and see which side of the fence you fall on. Who knows, you might just end up loving every vape with this potent flavor.

    Enjoy the kick from our American made Black Clove e Liquid as it tickles your senses of taste and smell! Because Black Clove cigarettes are so hard to get ahold of in the United States these days, many current smokers have turned to our e Liquid as an alternative. It’s so much like the original that people keep coming back for more!

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    1. Too Much Licorice!

      At first this tasted OK, but after the first day the VERY HEAVY licorice flavor got sickening. I won't order it again, if anything I'll try the regular clove. I'm not sure why so much licorice is needed? Wouldn't recommend... on 15th Jan 2013

    2. Two Years, Same Juice

      I buy the concentrated version of this and mix it every 2 weeks. It does not taste good after 3 weeks. And, if you burn it, its really bad. If your set up is good, it will be great. For me its 23mg 100% VG mix, vape it with a 3.0 Cisco at 5.3-5.5 volts it is awesome. I been doing the same thing for two years now. The only thing that I have changed is the mg of nic, the device and ohms on atty.

      I have tried other flavors but in the end I always go back to DBC juice. Since its all VG I drip and also notice after a few days, the juice will screw up my atty. The only solution is to drill another hole in the air hole to make the atty vapeable. Its as if the juice is making the insulator that separates positive and negative on the bottom it expands and block my air holes. Not too big of a deal to me as my drill is always in my truck for work and i keep a few drill bits in my PV case.
      on 22nd Dec 2012

    3. Very Powerful

      I just received my 30PG/70VG mix in the mail and my first impression: "Wow. That is powerful." When I smoked analogs, I was a very firm menthol smoker, which is why I was drawn to Black cigars. When I found this flavor e-liquid, I was definitely intrigued and upon vaping it, I was not disappointed.

      It is quite oily and it has a very powerful licorice taste. The oily film in the mouth is really nothing to be concerned about. It's no more different than the numbing you get in your mouth from eating licorice. However, you CAN taste the undertones of clove (which, I guess it should be the other way around, but I'm a fan of licorice anyways).

      Either way, if you like licorice, it's a fantastic choice. I'm very interested to see how it tastes after steeping for a while. :)
      on 6th Dec 2012

    4. Black Clove

      Tastes like Sinsins: all anis oil and no clove flavor. Also coats your mouth with a unpleasant film. The dripper cap came off and half the bottle went all over my clothes, car and me. Made me sad. on 9th Nov 2012

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