Blackberry Champagne eLiquid

Blackberry Champagne eLiquid

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    We could tell you how delectable and wonderful our Blackberry Champagne flavored e-Liquid is, but where’s the fun in that?! We’d rather you heard it straight from one of our customers. Here’s what Kris C. from Portland, OR had to say about’s Blackberry Champagne:

    “I tried your VG Blackberry Champagne and "OH MY STARS!"  It was a rich, flavorful taste that not only appeased my taste buds, but it took me away to a Victorian era mansion with fine Cherry Wood furnishings and a library the size of the local 7-11 convenience store!  It rocked my world and displaced me into another, finer, more sophisticated setting.”

    If that doesn’t convince you to give Blackberry Champagne a try, we don’t know what will! It’s an uncommon flavor with uncanny taste. If you’re looking for a taste to rock your world, give it a try today!

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    1. Clean and crisp

      This is a refreshing liquid I really enjoy. The flavor is surprisingly crisp but the blackberry flavor is light. I will definitely buy this one again! on 3rd Jun 2014

    2. Tasty!

      I ordered this flavor because of the reviews. The reviews are spot on! I'm new to, but an assure anyone reading this that I will be placing orders in the future. Good flavor and fast delivery! They rock it! on 28th Apr 2014

    3. Super flavor

      I was a bit nervous about trying this flavor, but after trying it I was surprised how good it is. This is by far the best fruity flavor I have used. Excellent.... Try it- you won't be dissapointed. My husband uses only tobacco flavors. He mixed some blackberry champagne with tobacco, and loved the flavor. on 7th Aug 2013

    4. Excellent Vape !

      I am so happy I tried Blackberry Champagne! I thought Watermelon was my favorite flavor, until I tried this. It is light and refreshing, with yummy blackberry notes. Five stars all the way ! You gotta try this, you will be amazed. on 9th May 2013

    5. Awesome Flavor

      Tastes wonderful! I wanted to quit smoking ciggarettes but I didn't like the tobacco flavors, but this is delicious and now I love vaping! I also received my order super fast. What a great company to deal with. on 29th Mar 2013

    6. Lightly Sweet and Smooth!

      I love this flavor! It has a light, sweet and smooth taste! And the company has great customer service and stands by their products! Great job! on 11th Mar 2013

    7. This Rules

      My favorite blend! Yeah!
      on 6th Mar 2013

    8. Clean, Smooth, Great Flavor

      I found the smoothness and flavor to be one of the best I've tried. The flavor reminds me a little of La Croix Cran Raspberry sparkling water. I got 100% VG and the liquid is not as thick as others I've tried and I actually prefer this. It really makes it a smooth, clean flavor and the vape is not to overpowering (thick) while it still delivers a really noticeable throat hit! on 8th Feb 2013

    9. Excellent Blend

      I am fairly new to vaping and originally wanted a true tobacco flavor, but when I tried this flavor I was completely sold! It has a wonderful balance of a bubbly champagne with the blackberry. It's a flavor that's both crisp and warm, not too harsh, not too strong, but full of flavor. It's one of my favorites!
      on 6th Dec 2012

    10. Delicious

      I'm disappointed that it took me over two years to try this juice! The champagne part just didn't appeal to me and I never ordered it... Finally, I did last month and WOW have I been missing out! This is a must-try for all and I will second what Steve describes. I got this as 30PG/70VG with zero nicotine and it was great as-is. It makes for a great "in between your all day nic vape" when you still want to vape but don't need more nicotine! on 6th Oct 2012

    11. My Go-To Vape

      This juice has a clean flavor, and crisp notes on the inhale and exhale. You get the blackberry most on the exhale I find.

      The two flavors blend surprisingly well. The throat hit is solid, not too strong or weak, if you need more TH take the nicotine up a level.

      This is good straight from the bottle, no steeping needed, but after a week it will get even more flavorful and have a sweeter aroma.
      on 12th Jul 2012

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