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eVod/ProTank Atomizer Coil (5 Pack)

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  • Product Description

    Replacement atomizer coils, the tank vaper's best friend

    This is a 5-pack of replacement atomizers for the EVOD, ProTank and ProTank Mini.  You have a choice of 2.2ohm (standard) or the low resistance version which "burns" a little hotter at 1.8ohm.

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    1. long time user

      eVod/ProTank Atomizer Coil 1.8 are longer lasting than 2.2 . an atomizer most of the time last me 4 -7 days [ heavy user ] with stander pass-through 650 ma . on 16th Aug 2015

    2. atomizers evod 2.2

      The customer service has been great..helped a lot of issues...seems it varies package by package tho..we've just changed out our atonizers & they r not burning hot enuf without getting liquid in our mouths & very small vapor even at 4 8 on our etwist.. Idk how to fix the problem. on 8th Aug 2015

    3. Update my quality control review

      I believe in reviews, and when something changes, it should be noted. I complained about a bad packet of 5, and have now begun the next packet. Every atty is fine and performs well. So i really recommend this product. I guess I just got a bad pack. All were bad. Stuff happens.

      Another review mentioned "soft threads" I agree and have cross threaded/stripped/ruined more than one tank and atty. I now use a dry Q-tip and wipe the threads while refilling. It's not too serious until one ruins the threads on an expensive battery. Now, that is annoying.
      on 10th Jun 2015

    4. Quality control lacking?

      First, I love this att for it's performance and price. The first packet of five worked wonderfully, and lasted longer than other atty's, so I bought three more packets. My second packet was a disaster. The first atty did not last an hour, then second one about a day, the third was so stiff I could not draw on it. And just now installed the fourth atty. It's five minutes old and acts like five days. Almost no vape. I'll put the fifth in later, but figure this was a quality control problem, and all five in this packet are junk.

      I have two more packets of five so looking forward to having better attys. This is not the fault of american eliquid because they supply them, not make them. If they fail like the first packet, I might have to change attys.

      The box shows four different resistance choices, and I wish this site would add a note to explain the performance differences.

      *Customer Serivce Note*

      Thanks for the feedback Bob, we'll be adding some information to help people understand the difference in ohm ratings in the near future. Thanks for noting we don't make them, but still, if you're having trouble, please call our customer service and we'll replace whatever you're having trouble with.
      on 31st May 2015

    5. sloom vape

      get a better hit on 19th May 2015

  • Spec Sheet

    Resistance (Ω): 2.2Ω
    Wick Style: Short Wick
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