Green Apple eLiquid

Green Apple eLiquid

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    It's the freshest, sweetest tasting eLiquid you can find on the market - our Green Apple eLiquid has made waves in the eLiquid world and created a name for itself that can't be matched when it comes to fun, fruity flavors! As soon as you take your first puff on Green Apple eLiquid, you'll instantly be reminded of a Green Apple Jolly Rancher! It's sugary sweet without the risk of a cavity and ever so delicious as it melts in your mouth.

    If you're a fan of fruity flavors and are looking for a new muse to vape away the day, Green Apple eLiquid is hands down your best choice for a great vape. With great flavor, a smooth vape and an excellent throat hit, this eLiquid has it all. You'll even be able to smell Green Apple from a mile away - it's just that good!

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    1. I like it!

      50/50 super thick vape, You get that real sour apple taste. Most amount of flavor in any liquid I have had so far. on 6th May 2014

    2. too good

      I love it, cant get enough on 30th Jan 2014

    3. Smooth, great taste

      LOVE this in my Jazz pipe. LOVE it. Great green apple flavor without being too sweet. JUST sweet enough. Nice smooth vapor, I love it.

      Buy it, you won't be sorry.
      on 14th Dec 2013

    4. Taste like green apple

      I get 100%vg it hits smooth and tase good I will get this again I only vape Americaneliquids on 14th Sep 2013

    5. Best Green Apple E-Liq I have tried

      I have only been in the market here for about 2 months, however this is the best apple ive tried... Without steeping it still taste amazing on 15th Jul 2013

    6. Great vape, great flavor, nice throat hit

      I ordered this eLiquid as one of my first vapes and I have been coming back to this flavor over and over. I purchased the 70%VG 30%PG blend, comes with a nice throat hit that isn't overpowering but still present, and the flavor is amazing. AmericaneLiquidStore was A+ on delivery and has earned a customer for life. on 9th May 2013

    7. Green Apple: The "Best" Taste (Nice and Potent, Like a Green Apple) Since Ever Vaping, True to its Name

      Hello to all the dedicated Vaporizers out there:

      I started vaping in January of 2013 and I have to put it out here, the "Green Apple" is the most "true" to it's name. I get 60mL bottles and no disappointments here. This is definitely a dead-on taste--just like a green apple. If you enjoy a good piece of fruit, you'll automatically enjoy vaping this taste. It's great getting my tastebuds back, since ending my smoking habit. LOL!!!

      I enjoy mixing it with "HavanaX" or any of the straight up Tobacco flavorings, usually at 30%PG/70%VG. Also, AES has got me hooked on ordering from their site exclusively, for any and all of my juices and accessories for vaping! You rock, AES!

      Vape on my friends! :-) and thank you AmericaneLiquidStore!

      Sunny from New York
      on 17th Apr 2013

    8. Quite good

      So good, I'm about to add a 0mg to my cart because I like it so much I'm making myself sick from too much nicotine!

      (Wish there were a way of labeling the tanks though)
      on 17th Apr 2013

    9. Tastes Great!

      I got 100% VG e-juice and it tastes just like a green apple. They got it perfect with this flavor! on 9th Apr 2013

    10. Outstanding!

      Bought the 100% VG e-juice and it is absolutely great! Tons of vapor and the taste is just like a granny smith apple! Will be ordering more of this in the future! Great customer service and very fast shipping! A++ on 21st Mar 2013

    11. Outstanding Taste With Good Vapor

      Outstanding tast with great vapor! Was one of the flavors recommended by the staff and it is excellent. WIll go back and get larger bottle when the weather clears. Thanks for the help! on 7th Feb 2013

    12. Apple Orchard Fresh

      This liquid is delicious, like inhaling the essence of a fresh green apple just pulled off a tree. I always go with the 100% VG and this is so smooth with a fresh green apple flavor. Once again AmericaneLiquidStore comes through with a delicious flavor that isn't over the top sweet and fast shipping as always, great job and kudos! If I order on a Friday night sometimes I see the delivery go out on Saturday, not sure if that is normal, but I appreciate it. on 17th Nov 2012

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