Joye eGo-C Battery w/ USB Passthru (1000mAh)

Joye eGo-C Battery w/ USB Passthru (1000mAh)

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    This Joye eGo-C mega battery is exactly what it says it is: a mega battery! With this exceptionally long lasting battery you’ll be able to enjoy a vape for nearly two days before having to recharge! A two to three hour charge is all it takes to get this battery all juiced up and ready to go again. Plus, it has a built in USB passthrough for easy charging with any USB hookup. That means it can be used in conjunction with a computer port, USB wall charger or even the USB car charger!

    The Joye eGo mega battery also sports click technology and voltage indicator (3 level). Click the button five times in rapid succession to activate your eCig when it’s time to vape. When you’re all done, tap the button five more times to turn it off and conserve power! This eliminates accidental button presses that can kill your battery life or burn out your eCig. If you’re a person who carries their eCig around for daily use, this feature could be a lifesaver for your battery! As well, the 3 colors of the LED button light indicate the voltage (remaining charge) when you press the button to vape!  White means the battery is above 50% charge, light blue means the battery is below 50% but above 10%, and dark blue mean you need a charge AKA below 10% charge remaining. What great features!

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    1. Great Battery

      I bought this to go on my Kanger MT3-S Clearomizer and from day one have been very very pleased with its performance. As other's have stated if the light changes from white to blue which indicates the battery is getting low, Just plug the usb cable in and your still going strong with its Pass Thru feature. But I have ran this battery all the way down which took about two days for me to do and I just plugged it up and waited a few minutes to allow the battery to gain a little bit of a charge and was off and vaping again with the use of the Pass Thru. Highly Recommend this Battery which fits any EGo-C and 510 threading. on 25th Oct 2013

    2. Worked Great

      I had it and loved it but my wife took it from me... looks like I'll have to get another! on 13th Jul 2012

    3. Will never need to look for another battery, this one is it!!

      Am really loving this one.. At first, I was a bit shocked to see how long it was, but it only took a couple minutes to see how great it was and how perfect it fits between my fingers.. Much easier to hold than regular size ego batt and last quite awhile although I don't know how long for when I see it turn blue(50%), love this part, I stick it on the usb not too long after.. As far as using it as a passthrough, it worked but I didn't care for the harder draw it gave me and there really is no need to use it as one given batt lasts so long.. Definitely a elegant looking batt as someone else mentioned, more for a woman/girl in my opinion but, perhaps with a tank on it, it could look more manly too :)

      MUST HAVE, worth every penny!!
      on 29th May 2012

    4. Lasts a long time, and I use this thing like a pacifier...almost

      Works perfectly. If the battery is low, just plug into your usb, or usb to wall plug adapter. Even my die hard Newport smoking son thinks this e cig rocks! You will not be disappointed with this investment. Make sure you have back up atomizers just in case. I had one go bad and one older one. Switched on a new atomizer and voila! Massive vape! on 30th Apr 2012

    5. civilized vape

      Long time user. Completely agree with the high praises of the ego-c system. Being a bit on the cheap side I have found when the C atomizer is almost done with its useful life I can use a straight pin to punch a few holes into the atomizer and get another day or more out of it, kind of a refresh. on 14th Apr 2012

    6. Great Passthrough

      This couldn't get much better. It lasts pretty much the entire day for me, and I vape all day. This can also be charged on both ends. I enjoy the passthrough because I can vape while it's charging, and I can also charge it with a regular 510/eGo charger. on 9th Dec 2011

    7. This is the one to get!

      wow. Amazing, satisfying vapor. I still like the elegance and appearance of the 510-T and may still carry one in my purse, but this ego-T passthrough is really awesome. It has a silky finish that is pleasant to the touch, tons of rich vapor and flavor and so convenient because you can disconnect it and take it with you and it's always charged! Love it. By the way thanks for the excsllent service over the past year. I really also enjoy the delicious flavors of eliquid you carry. on 8th Sep 2011

    8. Gotta get it

      This is the best batt Ive ever had....
      I have 3 diff batts from diff companys and 1 of theem is the push button style and I love the button and never thought I would need a pass-thru but Im so glad I did this one last 2 days before it needs to be charge it takes about 3 hrs to charge but thats with using it while it charges.
      If your a pack a day smoker normally and have started using the electric cig you gotta get this it will put all others to shame and it uses all 510 tanks and carts but Im going to try the LR with the tanks that go with this proper atomizer and see how much more better it will be worse case Ill uses my atomizers and tanks from diff companys just trail and error but the batt (E GO T pass-thru) is the best never use any other batt from now on as far as im concerned anyway. wish I got this as my first instead of wasting money on other batts that are not worth there money
      on 3rd Sep 2011

    9. Awesome!

      For a while i was using the liquid in a cheap ecig, but today when i got my Joye Ego passthrough it showed me what a great vape is all about.. the liquids are much stronger, and have such a better flavor and vape in the ego.. i am very happy with my purchase.. I suggest everyone get it.. seriously.. you won't be disappointed! on 18th Jul 2011

    10. nice

      Surprisingly, it really doesn't take all that long to charge plugged into the USB port on a computer, without the need for a wall adapter. If you are planning to do so, might want to order a second one just in case. You know... for when you're not sitting at the computer using it strictly as a passthrough device, hehe :) There are mixed opinions on how to take care of rechargable batteries (whether to give them a full charge before using or not, whether or not a quick charge offers less performance than a slower trickle charge), and I'm not sure who to believe. But I like the trickle charge idea, which a computer can do very well (any iPhone users out there?) and the eGo w/ passthrough is a great candidate for this. I say get two, use as needed as a passthrough (I mean that's the point of this right?), but let them charge fully for best results if you're not in a pinch.

      Excellent item!
      on 24th May 2011

    11. THIS is what to get!!!

      Best product you will find on this site! Am surprised there's only one review so far. This is what to get!!! on 13th May 2011

    12. Tired of waiting for batteries to charge? The answer!

      The eGo batteries last several times longer than the 510 batteries, hands down. Will it last all day? For many people, the answer is YES! But even if not, I mean let's say you get 5 hours or even longer on some serious vaping... that's way more than the 510's have to offer. The eGo battery is compatible with 510 atomizers/cartomizers, so you don't have to buy a new "kit" if you already have the Joye 510. That's a big plus.

      This product, however goes a BIG step further than a standard eGo battery at a very tiny added cost, because it lets you use it while it's charging. If you're near a USB port somewhere (at the computer, in the car, near a wall outlet with an adapter) it is a godsend, because you can use this thing all day long, while it continues to charge, without fail!! A red LED at the end of it indicates when it is charging. At full charge, the red light will go off.

      I have 4 of these. All with the built-in passthrough. I have NEVER... repeat...NEVER gone through more than 2 in a day!!! I got the other two just for peace of mind, in the event I am without a charger for longer than a day, or if I should lose one, etc. It's just nice to know that I have the "ultimate" backup. I don't know about you, but life can be stressful enough without having to worry about a battery keeping its charge. If this were a 510 battery I'd just laugh if you were considering buying more of 510's. This is different!

      I'm not saying you should buy 4... Or even 2 of this product. But after purchasing just 1 you might just be so impressed you will want more of them to keep around because this product is leaps and bounds better than the 510 battery, and even the standard eGo battery!!! Simply due to the added feature of being able to use it while you charge it :) It only makes sense to invest in what works the best.

      Duh... WINNING!! :P
      on 3rd May 2011

  • Spec Sheet

    Charge Capacity: 1000mAh
    Charge Time: 3-5 Hours
    Threading: eGo
    Length: 100mm
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