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    Can’t decide what flavors of eLiquid to try? How about getting a sample pack that includes four 15mL bottles of our delectable flavors?! You can mix and match different tastes with this convenient sample pack of four 15mL bottles to find out which of our American made eLiquids best suits you. Perhaps you’re tempted to try the sweet tang of our Mango eLiquid, but also crave the smooth vape of our Chocolate Mint? How about the aromatic vape of our Vanilla and classic taste of Tobacco? Now you can get any of these flavors plus any others from our huge selection of 35+ flavors, up to four different variations per sample pack!

    Our flavor sample pack is the best way to experience variety without worrying about spending money on a flavor you might not fully enjoy. Do you have a few favorite flavors and the urge to try a new essence? The flavor sample pack is perfect for you! Best of all, you’re guaranteed freshness and quality with each any every order. Each sample pack is created specifically for your order and is shipped fresh right away.

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    1. The Taste of Candy

      When I first got my juices, I was excited and I liked how all the information was printed on the bottle which most companies ever do. I received Green Apple, Strawberry, Cherry, and Watermelon. I wasn't as pleased with the flavors as I thought I'd be because they all tasted like candy and no so much the real thing like I was hoping. I was horrified by the taste of cherry because it tasted like cough drops. I'm not giving up, I will surely explore your inventory and find something I like. The costumer service was good. I had a problem with my order and it was fixed right away. I received the order in a few days. Over all everything was good, other than the taste of the flavors. That is the biggest downfall. on 31st May 2014

    2. Best way to try the flavors

      I received my eGo-C with the tobacco flavor and it was awful, so I decided to give some favors a try. After reading the reviews I went with Cherry, Apple Cinnamon, Blackberry Champagne and Chocolate Hazelnut. They are so yummy that I can now give up my cigarettes and only use my E-cig. I received my order in 2 days, I am so impressed with this company and now these will be my go to flavors. on 29th Mar 2013

    3. Value

      My wife and I mix the menthol and English Toffee so what better way to do that when we're both on the go is with the sample pack. We each get our bottle of 15 ml and we save $5 by ordering this way. This is a great option to select if you vape with someone. on 11th Mar 2013

    4. Max Flavor Winners

      After much research, I have narrowed down my favorite flavors:

      1. Champagne
      2. Tobacco -Clove
      3. Butter Rum
      4. Mango
      5. Chocolate

      The flavors are deep and not too candy tasting. By far the best liquids online!

      on 6th Sep 2012

    5. Awesome!!!

      I have ordered the chocolate/hazelnut, Vanilla, Irish Coffee, and Amaretto. Wasn't to crazy about Amaretto but that's just me. My hubby likes it. Also ordered the Green Apple which is amazing. Just like biting in one. The customer service is beyond anything I have ever seen and I have shopped and bought from others before but never again. AEL is all I need. I just wish they would come out with more fruity flavors like Banana, Strawberry, Rasberry, etc. on 16th Apr 2012

    6. Great product

      I just recived my sample pack today I tryed all of my flavors, and they were all great.Tobacco was my favorite flavor, the best out of all the diffrent brands I've tasted so far. Looking forward to ordering more. on 10th Mar 2012


      Best customer service! Best products! Best flavors! Best customer service! Best knowledge base! Best helpful friendly awesome (did I mention) CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! Try it, you'll LOVE it! on 28th Feb 2012

    8. Great Flavors - Great Service

      I purchased Cherry, Chocolate Amaretto, Root Beer and Butter Rum. All the flavors were excellent!

      The Root Beer is killer... You'd swear you were sipping on a frosty mug, it's that good!

      Try mixing a little bit of AES Chocolate Hazelnut with a bit of AES Cherry, it tastes just like cordial cherries!

      The Butter Rum and Chocolate Amaretto are great too.

      Customer service at AES is always top notch. I've had no reason not to buy all my eliquids from AES.
      on 11th Feb 2012

    9. Best product and customer service

      I ordered the sample pack, but wanted to try both the PG and VG for my first time ordering. I called them to see if this could be done and they were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Simply wrote in the comments while checking out which flavors I wanted PG and which VG. Very accommodating if you simply ask!

      Both the PG and VG were great, but ended up mixing them together. From my opinion the PG produces less vapor, gives a bit more “throat hit”, and holds the flavor better. VG produces a lot more vapor, is smoother, but the flavors are a lot more subtle. 50/50 was perfect. Won't be ordering from anywhere else! Thanks!
      on 30th May 2011

    10. update - missing cartos

      Received my updated order today (missing cartomizers) and tried the other flavors. They're GREAT !!! Even the apple cinnamon was better than I thought. I was out of the poly fill for my cartos and was wanting to go to something longer lasting...which is why I ordered the cartos. I do believe I have found my new supplier. Thanx AES ! on 23rd Mar 2011

    11. Sample Pack - Quick Shipping

      Ordered the sample pack of 4 15ml bottles. Was going to go with the 60ml bottle but wanted to be sure it was a flavor I would like. I'm new to vaping and use a Joye eGo with the standard 510 cartridges. I have only used Jo----- Cr--- smoke juice in PG. It was good BUT.......found this site through a search for some good VG. I also ordered a 5-pack of Joye 510 cartomizers but sadly they werent in my order.
      I received my order Friday (minus the cartos) and have since been contacted that my missing cartos shipped today (Monday).
      I've only tried the Black Cherry (EXCELLENT !!!!) and Apple Cinnamon (OK but not for me-tastes just like baked cinnamon apples). I have yet to try Vanilla & Amaretto......and oh yah, they also sent me a free 15ml "flavor of the day" bottle which I havent tried yet ( Blackberry)..........................................................................................so, I'm rating them four stars for their fast shipping and excellent customer service. When my cartos arrive I will try the other flavors and update this review if needed. Thanx AES !!!!!!!!
      on 21st Mar 2011

    12. Vaping Heaven!

      I am a "Newbie" to vaping, but I am learning what is good out there in the e-cig world. I just received my sample liquids of tobacco-menthol, vanilla, blackberry, chocolate-hazelnut, and butter rum in VG base...and they are all delicious! So smooth and clean tasting, esp in my Joye 510 cartomizers. My favorite is chocolate-hazelnut, second is butter rum...it's like a Brach's butterscotch hard candy. I ordered after 10pm on a Friday night and received my order on Monday,so I was very impressed with the quick customer service. I will be ordering more samples of new flavors in the future from these guys for sure. P.S. I highly recommend a Joye 510 or Joye e-Go for all your vaping needs. Don't make the same mistake that I did and order a Blu! on 25th Jan 2011

    13. Great Vaping Consisentcy!

      Great product. I ordered a VG, 24mg Sampler. Here's my 1-5 rating with 1 being best tasting:

      1. Vanilla
      2. Chocolate Hazelnut
      3. Tobacco
      4. Tobacco Sweet
      5. Virginia Flue (I didn't like this one at all)

      on 23rd Nov 2010

    14. Great Flavors

      The flavors here taste exactly like what they're named after. Their VG based liquids also work really great with the cartomizers and have great vapor production. on 21st Nov 2010

    15. Awesome

      This had very fast delivery. I ordered Chocolate, Irish Coffee, Cherry Cheesecake, Mango and Vanilla -all with a VG base. The flavors are delicious and the vapor production is great. I am having a hard time picking my favorite flavor, they are all delicious! on 19th Nov 2010

    16. Best Yet

      After trying many different PG and VG based e-liquids from different suppliers, I have found the VG e-liquid from AmericaneLiquidStore to be the best. I ordered the VG-based 12mg sample pack with the following flavours from the tobacco range:

      Tobacco (x2)
      Virginia Flue Cured
      Tobacco Menthol

      All flavours have a good, strong taste and produce lots of vapour in the eGo e-cig that I use. The best flavour for me was the Virginia Flue Cured: it's the closest to a real tobacco taste that I have tried anywhere. The plain tobacco was good too, a little more sweet and mild. I used to smoke menthol cigarettes before using e-cigs so wanted to try the menthol flavours here. They were both really good but I prefer the plain tobacco flavours more.

      I have placed a second order for the tobacco and virginia flue cured. Also thought I'd try the english toffee as well for something different.

      on 19th Nov 2010

    17. The Flavor? Mmmmm...

      Well, I have to say I have spent alot of my money with other places looking for a good flavor... and now I can stop! I ordered the sample pack and they're all good, but the mango was by far the best. The only trouble I had was that the mail leaked almost half of the liquid out -but things do happen and I am someone that understands that things like this just happen sometimes. But, I'm sure that if I would have told customer service, they would have just sent me a new one! This is by far the greatest customer service around. I ordered some filters last time and they were not sure what I was trying to order, so they sent me a lot more than I asked for just to make sure I got what I wanted! I'll always give them 5 stars! on 31st Oct 2010

    18. Wonderful!

      I ordered Virginia Flue Cured, Apple, BB Champagne, Menthol and Butter Rum.

      BB Champagne is the perfect balance: not too sweet and not too fruity. The Butter Rum and Menthol will certainly wake you up in the morning, as they are super strong and certainly not watered down like so many others I've tried. Apple is very smooth; no fluff just apple without other flavors killing it off. Virginia Flue Cured seems to have hints of licorice and although not what I expected - my first time trying VFC - it's smooth and not overwhelming.

      Shipping was extremely fast and the prices are by far the best I've found for the quality of product. I'm ordering another sample pack to try other flavors and if they are anything like what I've received so far, I'm in for a sweet surprise. I'm also recommending my friends stop by here.

      Thanks guys! I give your prices, product and customer service 5+ stars!
      on 29th Oct 2010

    19. Thanks, Really Satisfied!

      I ordered the 5 pack sample pack and it was shipped the next day, arriving in only a couple of days. Simple, fast and I got exactly what I ordered.

      I'm relatively new to vaping so this gave me an idea of how the flavors taste and how much nicotine is going to work out for me.

      I ordered the 18mg nic -next time I'm going for the 24mg or 36mg. Also, think I'm partial to the straight tobacco flavor for the most part: I like my coffee without a lot of fluff and guess I like my "smoke" the same way! :)

      Tastes like quality tobacco, which is all I need.

      on 24th Sep 2010

    20. The Best Customer Service Ever!

      This review is more about the customer service here... though the Blackberry Champagne is awesome! I had an issue with my order and Dan from customer service contacted me very quickly and worked with me to solve it beyond my expectations. The issue could easily have been just my taste, but he was totally understanding and helpful. If you are looking for a company where customer satisfaction is top priority, look no further, for this company is the best I have seen! on 2nd Sep 2010

    21. Excellent Products With Quick Shipping

      This is the 2nd company I ordered eliquid from and it will always be my favorite. I got sampler with:

      English Toffee
      Sweet Tobacco (2)
      Black Cherry
      Black Clove

      I like all of them but Black Clove... whoo strong flavor, like black licorice! Quick shipping to southern Cali -just 2 days! I can't wait to order my next set of samplers; they last a long time.

      I have a eGo battery and the mega cartomizer set awesome. Everyone, can't believe it's not tobacco! The liquids have thick smoke and I smoke this all day in my semi truck. Thanks guys, for something besides killer cigs! I needed this product so I could stop killing myself with big tobacco.
      on 26th Aug 2010

    22. Great Samples

      Ordered my samples on Thursday night; got them Monday afternoon. Great, fast service! I customized my sample pack and got Chocolate Hazelnut, Keoke Coffee, Black Cherry, Cinnamon & English Toffee at 36mg, VG based. Like all of the flavors, the hazelnut and coffee are my favorites so far -and with the VG base, I get great vapor. I will be ordering again from this company. They did a great job! on 10th Aug 2010

    23. Awesome Vapor

      I've purchaced smoke juice from other companies and thought that they were pretty good untill I took a chance on AmericaneLiquidStore. These liquids have great flavor and tons of vapor, making them the best juices I've ever tried! Can't wait to try some of the other flavors. Also, my order came in 3 days. What more can you ask for? Hats off to your company and good luck in the future. on 13th Jul 2010

    24. Great company...awesome product!

      I have only been vaping for about a month, and was specifically looking for VG liquid made in the USA. This company has met my needs and exceeded all expectations. I have tried liquids from 2 other companies and keep coming back to my American eliquid flavors because of the great taste and vapor production. I ordered the sample pack and a 15 ml of Menthol. The flavors I have tried are:
      Virginia Flu Cured
      English Toffee
      Keoke Coffee
      Butter Rum
      and they are all winners. I also like to mix Virginia/menthol, coffee/cocoa, toffee/butter rum, menthol/cocoa, toffee/cocoa just for variety and I can't wait to try the other flavors as well. You're sure to find something you'll love - Would recommend to anyone!
      on 25th Mar 2010

    25. great stuff

      I like that I could choose what samples I wanted. I rated the flavors from 1 to 5. I chose the
      Tobacco (5)
      Cocoa tobacco (2)
      Blackberry champagne (4)
      English Toffee (5)
      Butter Rum (1)

      Although some flavors I did not like, the flavor was very pronounced, and the vapor production was very good on every one. So overall these are great juices, and I would recommend the sample packs to anyone who wants to see what flavors they like before committing to large bottles. I will be back to purchase large bottles of the tobacco, and the english toffee, as these were my favorite.
      on 22nd Mar 2010

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