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Tobacco DuraSmoke Double Clearomizer Starter Kit


About Tobacco DuraSmoke Double Clearomizer Starter Kit

The new DuraSmoke Double Clearomizer Starter Kit by AmericaneLiquidStore.com.

Perfect for someone just getting started with electronic cigarettes, this starter kit has everything you need or want, and nothing extra.  Here are the basics:

  • Never be caught without your lighter – Think of the battery like having a lighter in your pocket.  The kit includes two 650 mAh rechargeable batteries.  Each battery charge will last at least a few days, and you’ve got a spare so you can use one while you charge the other. 

  • Never be caught without a pack or two in your pocket – The two clear liquid-holding tanks are called Clearomizers.  Each holds 1.6 mL of eLiquid, about equal to 1.5 packs of cigarettes.  Use one for your daily smoke of Tobacco or Menthol, use the other to experiment with fun vapes, like fruity or dessert flavors.  Anyone for Vanilla or Watermelon?

  • Save money buying by the carton PLUS – This starter kit includes a big 30 mL bottle of Durasmoke Tobacco or Menthol, your choice.  FYI, 30 mL is equal to about 30 full packs of cigarettes, or about 3 full cartons!  The eLiquid alone more than justifies the cost of this kit.  You’ll be saving money from day 1, and enjoying our most popular, made-in-USA flavors.

To see the kit in action, including filling, recharging and smoking, check out the video below.  For very detailed FAQs, scroll down below the video.  Get the details, then buy the kit today.

DuraSmoke Starter Kit

Introduction Video

Introduction to Durasmoke Double Clearo Starter Kit from AmericaneLiquidStore.com. See What's Included, Features, How to Use, How to Re-Fill, How to Charge, Why this Kit is the Best Value in Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits on the Market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About DuraSmoke starer Kit

Does this DuraSmoke starter kit include everything I need to use the product? What does it include?

    With the DuraSmoke Double Clearomizer Starter Kit, we wanted to give you everything you need and everything you want in a starter kit to assure the best value available anywhere:

  • Durasmoke Double Clearomizer Batteries

    Two 650 mAh, push-button batteries

    Why two? One to use, while the other is being charged.

    Why 650 mAh? The DuraSmoke batteries will last 3 – 4 times as long as the standard batteries on the competition, like Blu or NJoy.

    Why push-button? We believe push-button batteries are far superior to the “automatic” batteries that start with your inhale. With the push-button, you can press the button as you bring the electronic cigarette to your lips, so vapor is available immediately. With the competition’s batteries, customers often find they have to take multiple drags to get vapor, with the first drag really just pre-heating / bringing the ecig up to operating temperature.

  • DuraSmoke eLiquid Clearomizers

    Two 1.6 mL clearomizers

    Why two? Each clearomizer holds a full 1.6 mL of eLiquid, which equals about 1.6 packs of traditional cigarettes, so you don’t really need two for volume. Why you’ll really want two is for flavors. Most of our customers have a “daily vape”, such as tobacco or menthol (our two most popular flavors). But they also enjoy the occasional “dessert” or special occasion vape, such as cherry cappuccino or watermelon. Use the extra clearomizer as a spare, or to experiment!

  • DuraSmoke eLiquid

    Tobacco or Menthol DuraSmoke eLiquid

    This starter kit includes a big 30 mL bottle of your choice of one of our two most popular flavors. 30 mL equals about 30 full packs of cigarettes, a fantastic value.

    As mentioned, we didn’t want you to buy our starter kit, and then have to buy something else. Even if you are a pack-a-day smoker, the eLiquid in this starter kit should last you a full month.

  • Double Clearomizer USB Charging Cable

    USB charging cable

    The DuraSmoke Double Clearomizer Starter Kit includes a charging cable that fits a standard USB connector. So you can charge your electronic cigarette from anything with USB plug on it. For example, you can plug it into a PC, cell phone charger or car cigarette plug adapter.

  • DuraSmoke AC Charging Adapter

    AC charging adapter

    Just in case you don’t have any USB connector chargers, we’ve included an AC wall plug adapter, which will generally charge the batteries even faster than a PC.

  • eCig Carrying Case

    Carrying case

    With everything we’ve included in the DuraSmoke Double Clearomizer Starter Kit, we figured you might need a carrying case that holds the entire kit, just to stay organized, so of course, we’re including one with the kit.

How long will this starter kit last?

  • Well, that depends partly on you, and partly on which part of the kit you are talking about:

  • For the electronic parts, like batteries, chargers, cables, etc… we like to tell people to think of them a lot like they think of their cell phones or other devices they use daily. For example, batteries will need to be charged about every 7 days, and after a couple of years of regular use/charging, they will lose a bit of capacity.

  • For the clearomizers, think of them as more like a light bulb, since they contain the heating element / filament, they take a bit more abuse. And like light bulbs, some will last a very long time, and some will burn out faster. Typically, they will last a month or more, and replacements are available inexpensively.

  • For the eLiquid, each mL is about equal to a full pack of cigarettes, so the 30 mL bottle included in the kit will last a pack-a-day smoker about a month.

What is the nicotine level of this starter kit?

For people new to vaping, and that’s who starter kits are for, we strongly recommend starting with a nicotine level about equal to regular cigarettes, so that’s what we’ll send you. The nicotine level is 2.4%. Our reasoning is that you’ll know what level of nicotine “feels right”. If you don’t get enough from an electronic cigarette, such as by starting with a lower nicotine level, you won’t be satisfied, and will be more apt to go back to regular cigarettes.

How long do the batteries last? Can I recharge them?

We like to tell people to think of the batteries a lot like they think of the batteries in their cell phones or other devices they use daily. With average use, these batteries will need to be charged about every 7 days, and after a couple of years of regular use/charging, they will lose a bit of capacity, but still work.

How do eCigs work?

    There are 3 basic parts/functions common to all eCigs:

  • A power source / battery

  • A heating element (part of the clearomizer)

  • eLiquid.

  • The way they work is simple. Power in the battery heats the heating element. The heating element heats the eLiquid, which makes the vapor.

Do I need to turn on and off the eCigs?

The batteries in the Durasmoke Double Clearomizer kit do have an on/off. If they are off, you turn them on by pressing the on/off button 5 times within 2 second. If they are on, you turn them off the same way, by pressing the on/off button 5 times within 2 second. Personally, unless you are carrying the electronic cigarette un-cased in a pocket or purse, we don’t usually bother turning them off. They do ship off, so you will need to turn it on at least once.

How much cheaper is it to smoke eCigs rather than regular cigarettes?

Our DuraSmoke electronic cigarettes are an unbelievably great deal, and can save you hundreds of dollars a month!

Let’s compare the price of this kit and future refills vs. the cost of traditional cigarettes. Depending on where you are in the country, a pack of cigarettes range in costs from tobacco-friendly places like Viginia and Kentucky ($4) to tobacco-unfriendly places like New York or Detroit ($15). So for this comparison let’s say you live in an average-cost state like our location, Wisconsin, where a pack of cigarettes costs about $8. If you are a pack-a-day smoker, that translates to a monthly cost of $240.

Now let’s look at your initial Month 1, when you buy this starter kit. The kit will cost you $66.98, and includes the equivalent of 30 packs of cigarettes. So in Month 1, you’ll save $173.02!

In Months 2 – 12, with the assumption that the battery and other parts of the kit wear out in a year, all you need to purchase is one 30 mL bottle of your favorite eLiquid, for a total monthly cost of only $16.99. So in Months 2 – 12, you’ll save $223.01/month!

Who can’t use another $200/month or so?

Does this kit come with a warranty?

At AmericaneLiquidStore™, we stand firmly behind all of our products with a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.

How will I know when to change/refill the cartridge?

That is the real beauty of the clearomizer, and why “clear” is in the name! You can see right into the eLiquid tank of each clearomizer, so you can see when it’s getting empty. Each clearomizer also holds a full 1.6 mL of eLiquid, equal to 1.6 packs of cigarettes. And, if you are going out for the evening and the tank is getting low, you can just top it off before you go.

Do eCigs require maintenance?

While they are very easy to take care of, eCigs, like any electronic device, will last longer if you take care of them, including:

Charging the battery regularly

Tobacco DuraSmoke Double Clearomizer Starter Kit