Tobacco - Menthol eLiquid

Tobacco - Menthol eLiquid

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    Switching over to electronic cigarettes from a traditional brand? If you’re a menthol smoker, you’ll be delighted to make the transition to our Tobacco – Menthol e-Liquid. Compare it to any brand name cigarette and you’ll see that our quality is superior when it comes to taste and authenticity. We’ve even had customers who swear by our Tobacco – Menthol e-Liquid being better than a menthol cigarette! It’s because we’ve taken the time to test our flavor over and over again, guaranteeing the perfect flavor.

    Great for vapers who find our Menthol e Liquid a bit too much and our Tobacco e Liquid not enough, Tobacco – Menthol is the absolute perfect blend of both worlds! Not only is it silky smooth and rich in taste, our American made Tobacco – Menthol e Liquid is also refreshing! Wake up your senses today and get your bottle of Tobacco – Menthol; one of our best-selling flavors.

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    1. The Best, My Favorite

      This is by FAR the absolute best liquid I have ever tried. I have tried probably over a hundred different flavors and brands--and I don't know why I bother. This American eLiquid Tobacco-Menthol is really the only flavor and brand I love. The flavor and strength are perfect. The flavor reminds me exactly of the smell of a freshly opened bag of menthol tobacco. It has a clean taste. It's my regular brand and flavor. I use it daily. There is no other like it. If there were no other flavors or brands available, I wouldn't know or care because this is the only one I LOVE. on 1st Aug 2015

    2. Licorice!!!

      Misleading. This should be called licorice. on 15th May 2015

    3. Very enjoyable

      I'm not trying to replace a menthol cigarette. I had smoked them occasionally just for a change but never for an extended period. That said and being now an ex-smoker I do miss that occasional menthol hit I was getting from menthol cigarettes and thought I would give this eliquid a try.

      My bottle of "tobacco menthol" arrived this morning in the mail and I loaded up a cartomizer right away. I was not disappointed. This eliquid (in my opinion) has a very nice, mild menthol flavor, is well balanced and very smooth. I've been vaping this stuff all day. I may have found a new favorite.
      on 2nd May 2014

    4. Not Sure What To Say

      My wife has been trying to get that tobacco Menthol taste of her original Analog Cigarette and so she wanted to give this a try. Well this didn't really fit the taste she was looking for, To her and I both it sorta has a Hazelnut taste and the Menthol is really lacking but may be ok for others, We just didn't care for it at all.. on 25th Oct 2013

    5. Alternative Suggestion

      I mix Americaneliguidstore Tobacco flavor eliquid 1:1 with Americaneliquidstore Menthol-Mint flavor for a better analog menthol cigarette taste. I don't care for the licorice flavor in the ready made Tobacco - Menthol, so, as an alternative, this works for me. on 13th Sep 2013

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