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Vanilla eLiquid

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    A pure flavor with a great smell, our American made Vanilla e-Liquid is a great flavor for those who love a single, subtle taste. It’s a tranquil flavor that gives you a smooth, relaxing vape each and every time, not matter where you are. Plus, if you’re a fan of vaping while you have a bite to eat or bit to drink, this flavor won’t leave any strange aftertastes for you to be bothered with – just a clean palate and fresh scent.

    Think of this flavor like a breath of fresh air that cleanses your lungs and when you exhale, brings the scent of a freshly lit vanilla candle into your airspace. Not only is it a great vape to relax and calm you, but also to clear your mind and help you unwind!

    Reformulated 4/2013!

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    1. It's OK.

      It's not bad on it's own. Not the greatest vanilla flavoring in the world, but it's not disappointing, either. However, if you mix this with the American brand cheesecake flavor you will find yourself in vaping nirvana! 70/30 cheesecake/vanilla -- you're welcome :) on 25th Apr 2014

    2. Best tasting vanilla in my first year of testing so far

      Alot of the flavors here are better then other online reps, and the vanilla is my favorite even 7 months later it tastes delicious. on 23rd Nov 2013

    3. Chemical Mix

      I Don't taste anything other than Chemicals. It does not smell like vanilla before or after the vape. This was very disappointing after reading the other reviews. on 24th Apr 2013

    4. Great Alone & For Mixing With Awful Ones

      By itself, the vanilla is really nice, but where it's REALLY good is when you find yourself stuck with a liquid you can't stand (for example, I hated the cherry, and find the "tobacco" flavors to be pretty awful)

      Mixing a little Vanilla in with these flavors can make them bearable, so you don't waste them.
      on 17th Apr 2013

    5. New Vanilla... Wow

      The new Vanilla is like Cold Stone's French Vanilla in a waffle cone! The new mix is the best I have vaped: I got 100%VG and an extra 5% flavor. on 26th Mar 2013

    6. Not Bad

      I do not think this tastes like vanilla at all but it is not a bad taste either. The flavor you do get is very light and hardly there. Would be good to mix with some of the stronger flavors to dilute them a bit without really changing their flavor. on 30th Jan 2013

    7. This Is Vanilla?

      I love all things vanilla. This however, was a let down. Maybe it was the batch I got, but it tasted nothing like vanilla. on 16th Jan 2013

    8. Made Me Sick

      I vape 36mg/mL, so it couldn't be the nicotine that tasted like chemicals. It was just overall terrible. 4 out of 5 of us got sick. AmericaneLiquidStore makes great stuff, but I'd stay away from this one. on 19th Nov 2012

    9. Another Good One!

      I've been puffing on this for a week now. At first I wasn't impressed because it was so mellow, but after letting it sit for a few days it either boomed with flavor or my taste buds got corrected because it is real good. It's nothing fancy, just plain ole' vanilla, but dont let the simplicity fool you: it's something you could vape for days on end! on 30th Sep 2012

    10. Okay

      If you like the "vanilla extract" type of vanilla juices, then this one is pretty good. It is not too strong and not too weak in taste. I like the milky vanilla juices, so I use this one with other juices, especially great with tobacco and coffee juices.
      on 26th Sep 2012

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