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Menthol eLiquid

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    Is there anything better than a long, relaxing vape of menthol flavored e-Liquid? People who have tried our American made Menthol e-Liquid don’t seem to think so. In fact, Menthol is our bestselling flavor by far, simply because it’s so perfectly mixed to give you that euphoric feeling and fresh mint taste. Refresh your senses and open them up to the rejuvenating blast of our Menthol flavored e-Liquid today!

    If you’re a long time menthol cigarette smoker who is making the switch to electronic cigarettes, this is the flavor for you! You’ll never notice the difference in taste when it comes to our e Liquid versus popular menthol cigarette brands. You’ll swear you’ve never tasted such a pure menthol flavoring before and we guarantee that this flavor will make your order list every time.

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    1. You've Got it Right

      I'm so glad I recently tried your American Menthol Eliquid. Up until now I've been doing the mixing thing to try to get close to the flavor I wanted. Since trying this eliquid my quest is over! I use the 100% VG, 12mg as my daily juice loaded in DuraSmoke ecig Duros cartomizers and batteries. This combo satisfies my nicotine craving and the action of having a cigarette in my fingers. I've been smoke free for going on 2 years now after 40 years of smoking cigarettes. The juice and hardware prices are competitive and shipping is fast, fast, fast! on 29th Mar 2015

    2. All Day(Night, too) Menthol/Mentho-Mint Mix

      Former KOOL (green box) smoker of many years, who has sampled a lot of different menthol e-liquids trying to satisfy all the particulars of that experience (sensation, taste, 'throat-hit', etc.), since completely switching to vapor over a year ago due to ever increasing concern about improving (or at least detracting less from) health and longevity...

      After much experimentation, a combination of American eLiquid Store's Menthol and Mentho-Mint eLiquid flavors is my only all day 'go to' choice anymore. In fact, I prefer it to the real things, which I WILL NOT use again (way more than enough risks, odors, etc. inherent in those already)

      So far, the basic recipe for alternative 'work in progress' seems (fortuitously enough)
      to amount to

      2 parts (150 drops) Mentho-Mint 36mg/ml 70%pg/30%vg
      1 part ( 75 drops) Mentho-Mint 36mg/ml 50%pg/50%vg
      1 part ( 75 drops) Mentho-Mint 24mg/ml 70%pg/30%vg
      1 part ( 75 drops) Menthol 36mg/ml 70%pg/30%vg

      which fits into an empty 30 mL dropper bottle that might last me a couple or few days in Vivi Nova, V-Fate, Vivi Nova Mini, and v10, using 2.8 ohm coils, on Joy Ego-C (upgrade) w/USB Passthrough batteries set to variable voltage mode with pale orange button light color; mostly because I prefer minimizing as much as possible the disruptions of having to refill, while also avoiding the hassles of frequently having to change coils or disassemble anything for battery recharges when needed, just about as much as I enjoy having the 'truer' taste that the higher
      ohms and voltages deliver.

      Tweaking the mixture by allowing a small sliver of menthol crystal to melt into it for a while can add a little extra punch, or help to smooth out any slight overstatement of the relatively high pg level that only becomes noticeable once variable voltage output has decreased over an extended period of vaping while not plugged into USB passthrough. Trying to over correct for this by substituting 100%vg, 30%pg70%vg, or more 50%pg/50%vg in lieu of 70%pg/30%vg tends to mute out the 'KOOLness' factor too much... Better to just plug into passthrough, if possible, while continuing to vape; or to have more than one fully charged variable voltage set-up on hand for rotation during unavailability of passthrough opportunity; or to forego the convenience of USB passthrough for more easily regulated higher voltages of twists, mods, etc. instead.

      Also, a friend who prefers NEWPORTS tells me that American eLiquid Store's Mentho-Mint 24mg/ml 50%pg/50%vg, which is one of several different flavor/nicotine concentration/base ratio samples I'd shared, provides a satisfyingly accurate approximation of those just as it is already; and, having tried both, I'd pretty much have to agree.

      'Made in the USA' is always a BIG plus, too!

      God Bless :-)

      Hope this helps.
      on 11th Feb 2014

    3. Perfect

      This is my "go to" vape. Smooth, menthol flavor. I get a 30PG/70VG mix and it has a perfect hit every time. on 27th Oct 2013

    4. Great Menthol Flavor

      My wife and I have been Vaping and now we Diy our own E-juice using Menthol Crystals but my wife wanted to try this Menthol Flavor E-liquid and I have to say it does have a really good smooth flavor.Would recommend to any menthol vapor. Thanks American Eliquid Store on 25th Oct 2013

    5. JUST LIKE A KOOL CIG!!!!!

      I smoked KOOL cigs for over 30 years and once I entered the E-cig world, I was worried about finding a flavor close to KOOLS. I tried many and felt very fortunate the day I ordered from AMERICAN E LIQUID... the taste is great! The price isn't bad, really good when it comes on sale, which it seems to fairly often! The shipping is fast and the people are always great at AES. They have become my number one place for all things... thank you AMERICAN E LIQUID!!!! on 12th Jun 2013

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    At AmericaneLiquidStore we are 100% committed to your satisfaction. We back up all of our regularly priced items with a 100% guarantee. If you aren't satisfied for any reason with any of our retail products, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days of initial purchase.