American Eliquid Product Review Program

Have a vape, opinions, and a soapbox? We want you!


We're always thrilled when someone wants to tell the world about our products. Whether you're a long time customer, or just looking to try some awesome new eliquids, American Eliquid is looking for vapers with a voice. Take a look at the brief outline below, and simply fill in your contact information and submit your application to become one of our Rockstar Product Reviewers!

  • All AES Product Reviewers must be 18 years of age or older
  • In order to review our products, you must have some publishing outlet (website, tumblr, youtube, blog, etc.) where your review will be published.
  • Review orders are free, and we neither expect nor desire anything except your honest opinion about our products
  • We ask that you also submit your reviews to our internal reviewing system (product based)
  • Our reviewers recieve news and updates before the general public for the purposes of serving THEIR audiences better
  • Reviewers from all countries are welcome, however, we generally grant a minimal number of international requests
  • We allow our reviewers to select their own flavors for review, within reason

Pretty standard, right? If you're ready to sign up, and review some of the very best liquids you can put in a vape, simply fill in the form below, we'll be in contact with you to verify the details of your request, and do our very best to get you a review order as quickly as we can. 


Thank you for your time. We truly appreciate the time, effort, and passion that goes into reviewing products and letting other people know what's out there. We do our best to work with our reviewers to help them produce content for their audiences that has impact and is useful, approachable, and well put together. If you need resources from us to produce your review, you need only contact us