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A New Face in the Fight to Save #Vaping

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By now, if you’ve been following along with any of the FDA regulatory news regarding ecigs, you should know who CASAA is and what they stand for. And while CASAA is certainly leading the charge to keep impending ecig regulations fair, it’s important to realize that they’re not the only organization with chips on the table.

Allow us to introduce Free to Vape, a collection of companies, individuals and advocates who have come together to make voicing your opinions about ecig regulation easier than ever.

Free to Vape is posing the same call to action as CASAA, with one differentiator—their website has streamlined the comment process to a simple submission form. Now, instead of trying to navigate the FDA website, selecting the right submission type and waiting for your submission to process, all you need to do is give some basic information, check a few boxes and sit back while your voice enters the conversation.

Free to Vape is allowing regular people to voice their opinions on a more defined plane—specifically with their state congressional representatives. After submitting your claim about how vaping has improved your life, your message will go straight to an individual in congress who was elected to represent you.

It may not seem like your voice could make a difference, but when it’s delivered along with thousands of others just like you, a group speaks volumes. Putting your hat in the ring, even if you’ve already commented on the FDA website, is an invaluable way to help ensure that vaping remains fairly regulated in the coming years.

Act now

To fill out the submission form hosted by Free to Vape, visit: https://freetovape.org/take-action.html

To learn more about the groups and individuals supporting Free to Vape, visit: https://freetovape.org/supporting-websites.html

To find a vape shop near you that’s vested in the future of vaping, visit: https://freetovape.org/supporting-stores.html