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Five Great Tips and Tricks That Every #Vaper Uses

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There are just some things that make good sense: shopping a BOGO sale at your favorite store, closing your windows before it rains, packing your lunch in advance, etc. We tend to do smart things like this without even realizing it most of the time!

For all of the vapers out there, we’re certain that there are a few good common sense things that you too take part in. Take a look at this list of five tips and tricks that all good vapers can relate to:

  1. Cycling batteries: When you’re puffing away on your favorite flavor all day long, it’s no surprise when your battery blinks dead. So what happens next? You pop the battery in the charger and wait for it to recharge before vaping again? No way! Any smart vaper cycles their batteries at least two at a time, so that while one is charging, the other one can be used, giving you continuous vaping pleasure, no matter what.
  2. Cleaning ProTanks: If you’re a bottom-coil tank vaper and find yourself enjoying the ProTank, ProTank II or the ProTank Mini, you might also find that you can clean them! It’s actually very easy to do at home and you’ll save yourself from tainting the flavor of every eLiquid that you put in there after the original. Take some grain alcohol, put it in a cup, remove the old wick from your ProTank unit and drop the disassembled ProTank into the alcohol. Let it soak for a day or so, air dry it and insert a new wick. Presto, clean tank!
  3. Stealth vaping: Want to get your vape on without becoming the center of attention? Give stealth vaping a try! Seasoned vapers know how to get the full vaping experience, without blowing clouds all over the place to attract attention to themselves. It can be done in a number of ways, but the easiest is to inhale, hold your vape briefly and gently exhale down your shirt or into a shirt sleeve! You might see a few wisps of vapor, but nothing that’s going to bother anyone nearby.
  4. Drinking fluids: By now, you’ve probably realized that vaping can dehydrate you if you’re not paying attention. Pounding away on DuraSmoke’s Fruit Smoothie eLiquid or Vape Apes’ Monkey Punch all day is going to make your mouth dry quickly, which is why it’s a good idea to have a bottle of water or another beverage handy. The real tip here, however, is to start drinking lots of fluids before you start vaping, as well as throughout your vaping experience—you’ll keep yourself well-hydrated that way.
  5. Swap with friends: So, you’ve ordered a flavor that you had high hopes for, but when you tried it, you just couldn’t enjoy it for some reason. We’ve all been there! Instead of tossing out that bottle or letting it sit around for months and months, swap with a friend! You’re not the only one sitting on eLiquids that you’re not fond of, so get out there and see what people are willing to trade! You’ll save money and get to try new flavors—it’s a win-win deal.

These are just five tips and tricks that you can use to get the most out of your vaping experience—people find new ways to enjoy their vapes every day. Give some of these a try if you’re not doing them already and you’ll be delighted with the results.