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London’s Heathrow Airport Establishes the World’s First e Cigarette Lounge

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The more popular e cigarettes become, the more the debate rages over whether they should be treated like cigarettes or viewed as safer than their smoke-producing counterparts. Heathrow Airport in London recently took the latter view, by establishing the world’s first public e Cigarette lounge, where people can congregate to vape like they once gathered to smoke cigarettes. The biggest difference, of course, is that the lounge doesn’t need any ashtrays.

e Cigarettes burst onto the scene in the mid 2000s, when they were touted as a healthy alternative to smokable tobacco products. In the past decade, the FDA has expressly forbidden e cigarette retailers from promoting electronic cigarettes as quitting aids for smoking or from marketing them as a safer product when it comes to people’s health. And, along with taking away this designation, many successive restrictions have been put in place to keep e cigs and tobacco products in the same group—namely banning them from indoor public places.

The benefits of e cigarettes

When it comes to using cigarettes and e cigs indoors, the FDA may look upon them as one in the same, but Heathrow’s decision to create an indoor vaping lounge serves to shake a finger at this careless grouping. As this world-class airport sees it, gone is the secondhand smoke that hangs gloomily about in the air; gone is the inherent fire hazard of using a product that burns; and the chance of lighters and matches falling into the playful hands of children is eliminated.

In fact, these very points are the reasons why an e cigarette lounge is even feasible. Most big airports got rid of smoking lounges a few years ago, when public smoking bans began sweeping across the Western Hemisphere. The fact that an e cigarette lounge has been created is proof that e cigarettes are in a vastly different class than their tobacco filled predecessors. They may look like the real McCoy and deliver a soothing inhale to users, but in the eyes of the airport, many of the drawbacks of cigarettes are gone.

The future of e cigarettes

Once considered an technological oddity, e cigs have become a billion dollar industry, with several big brands competing for the top position. Along with the increased popularity has come close scrutiny over whether e cigarettes should be regulated like traditional cigarettes. Because the former emits no smoke and the vapor they emits quickly evaporates, we at the AmericaneLiquidStore® company believe people should be free to use e cigarettes anywhere—and now, it looks like one of the most frequented airports in the world agrees with us!

The first official e cigarette lounge is both a victory and a defeat for e cig users. It shows that some places will prohibit the use of the devices in public, but it also demonstrates that the devices are unlikely to be treated as something they aren’t: a modern extension of the old fashioned cigarette. When places regulate the use of e cigarette products, we can only hope they have the good sense of Heathrow officials and create areas where people can vape.