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The Cost of Cigarettes

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Any regular smoker can tell you that smoking is an expensive habit. The costs of such a habit can vary from state to state and can depend on a smoker’s individual habits as well. How much do cigarettes cost exactly, and how do they compare to electronic cigarettes? Read on for an account of the costs and comparisons between cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

Cigarette costs

Cigarette costs vary wildly from state to state. For a pack of cigarettes, which is 20 cigarettes, you can expect to pay anything from $5 a pack in Kentucky, to as much as $15 a pack in New York. You heard that right: if you live in New York, you can expect to pay $15 a day for your habit, and that’s if you smoke only a pack a day! Cigarette costs mostly depend on state taxes imposed on the product: taxes which are often imposed to discourage smoking or recoup costs that tobacco products impose on public health.

Long term smoking costs

Since cigarette pack costs vary from $5 to $15 depending on the state, let’s say you are paying an average of $8 a pack. You can give or take from this amount depending on the state and the type of cigarettes you buy.The Cost of Smoking

How many packs of cigarettes do you go through in a day? Let’s stick with a conservative estimate of one pack, though we know some smokers can go through up to 5 packs a day or more! If you are smoking a pack a day, you can expect to pay $8 a day, $56 a week, $243 a month and almost $3,000 a year! If you’ve smoked for ten years, that comes out to a total of $30,000, enough money for a brand new car and a nice one at that. Smoke any more than one pack of cigarettes a day and those costs climb pretty fast.

These costs don’t take into account the numerous health care costs associated with smoking. If you are a regular smoker, you can expect to pay much higher insurance premiums. Costs associated with some chronic diseases caused by smoking are enough to clear out the savings of the average American family.

Electronic cigarette costs

Compare the costs of smoking a traditional cigarette with those of an electronic cigarette, which you can buy online. To get started, you can pay as low as $15 for a starter electronic cigarette model, though we recommend investing a bit more in a better model if you want the best vaping experience. You might find yourself spending an additional $30 or more on accessories, such as batteries and charging stations, but that depends—feel free to ask for recommendations at AmericaneLiquidStore®.

Finally, the average vaper can expect to spend around $2 a day on liquid, though this is usually in the form of an upfront cost for a 15mL, 30mL or 60mL bottle. Considering prices like that, electronic cigarettes pay for themselves, even if you buy higher-end models and accessories, as compared to a regular smoking habit.

As you can see, the expenses associated with being a regular smoker add up fast. Cigarettes are expensive, even when you buy them in the states with the lowest prices. The affordability of electronic cigarettes becomes apparent when you compare their costs with those of traditional cigarettes!