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The Top Five Reasons Now is the Time to Start Vaping

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By now, vaping is out of the shadows and front and center on the main stage—there are few people who haven’t heard of electronic cigarettes and everything that comes with them. But, while this exceptional smoking alternative is gaining steam opposite traditional cigarettes, there’s still a large group of the smoking population that has yet to give them a shot and see what vaping is all about.

If you’re one of these people or know someone who is thinking about getting into eCigarettes, there’s no better time to try your hand at vaping. Take a look at five reasons why right now is the best time to try an eCigarette:

  • FDA regulations are coming: The idea of an unregulated market scares many people, but in truth, it’s actually a veritable industry of possibilities! There’s no governing body that restricts flavors, limits the pricing on equipment or squashes innovation—meaning better products, more variety and numerous resources for you, the consumer. By getting into vaping now, you’ll get to see a raw industry at its finest, not limited by the bureaucracy that makes other industries so stagnant.
  • There’s never been more variety: No matter if you’re someone who likes fruity flavors or craves the traditional taste of pipe tobacco, there are numerous eLiquid flavor options available to you. Every day new flavors hit the market and every day there are new possibilities for you to find the best flavor yet! Creative concoctions, premium blends and exciting flavor combinations are all up for grabs in the industry right now!
  • Hardware is plentiful: The one bad thing about impending FDA regulations is that the number of hardware options on the market are sure to shrink. High voltage batteries, variable wattage options and exciting modifications are likely to become a thing of the past. By getting into the industry now, you’ll get to experience these exciting hardware items before they go the way of the dinosaur.
  • Prices are highly affordable: Again, FDA regulations are sure to create price jumps throughout the market—whether it’s a higher price per milliliter for juice or a premium put on hardware. Getting involved in vaping now means taking advantage of the lowest prices possible, keeping vaping at a superior affordability over traditional cigarettes.
  • The community is strong: Even though vaping has been around for a few years now, the community surrounding it is still a small one that’s close-knit. Getting in on the ground floor of an industry means being a part of something that grows around you and today, that’s still a possibility for new vapers. Newbies are welcomed with open arms and can easily become a part of the community as it enters new stages.

There are numerous reasons to start vaping today—the five above are just a few great ones. If you’ve always been interested in vaping or the idea of electronic cigarettes has peaked your interest, give it a shot today and let the AmericaneLiquidStore® company help get you started the right way!