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What to Expect When You Try eCigarettes

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If you have smoked cigarettes for years, you probably find the habit less enjoyable today than you did in the past. As time passes, many smokers grow increasingly afraid of contracting smoking-related illnesses and progressively annoyed with the everyday effects of smoking, such as foul smelling clothes, coughing and the inability to enjoy themselves in places that prohibit smoking.

If you are a smoker who wants to kick the tobacco habit but enjoys the act of smoking too much to quit, switching from tobacco cigarettes to ecigarettes could be the solution. Like cigarettes, ecigarettes can deliver nicotine, but they offer several benefits that conventional cigarettes don’t. When you switch from tobacco cigarettes to eCigarettes, you can expect the following differences.

No harmful tar and chemicals

Inhaling smoke from burning tobacco exposes your airways to harmful tar and smoke. Chronic exposure to these substances has been linked to a higher incidence of cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), hypertension and various other health ailments. When you use an ecigarette, you get none of the harmful tar and smoke that come from traditional tobacco.

The setbacks from smokingNo foul tobacco smells

Burning tobacco can emit a pleasant aroma, but when tobacco smoke settles, it creates an acrid stench that makes clothing, hair, skin and almost every other material smell like a used ashtray. When you use ecigarettes, you inhale a mixture of vaporized water, flavor, and organic propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. No bad smells are created, just an odorless vapor that soon dissipates.

More flavor options

Cigarette smokers often associate brands of cigarettes with different flavors, but the range of cigarette flavors is remarkably limited. Even if you smoke an exotic brand that has fruit flavoring, most of the flavor is overpowered by the taste of tar and smoke. When you use ecigarettes, you can choose from a variety of eliquid flavors—including cherry, chocolate and champagne—that taste truly distinctive.

What to expect fewer usage restrictions

Cigarettes are slowly being banned from practically every type of establishment and property in the U.S. Some homeowners associations (HOAs) even refuse to let residents smoke in their homes. Although some businesses and organizations also ban the use of electronic cigarettes, you encounter far fewer restrictions with ecigarettes than you do with cigarettes that burn tobacco.

Try an ecigarette today

AmericaneLiquidStore sells high-quality ecigarettes and supplies. We also offer over 100 eliquid flavors for your vaping enjoyment. If you have smoked for years and are tired of the health risks and annoyances that come with the habit, switching to an ecigarette is a great option. For more information about our products, browse through our website, or give us a call today!