Dura True® Tobacco Extracts

DuraTrue is the Evolution of Tobacco

With so many smokers looking for a real alternative these days, Dura True® is designed to meet the exacting demands of a real smoker. No fluffy fruit flavors or tobacco "flavorings", Dura True® is made with 100% Natural Tobacco Extracts, the same stuff that's in a cigarette. So what does that mean? It's an e-cigarette liquid made with the same stuff that's in a cigarette (the tobacco oils and flavors; not the paper, filter, or who knows what "additives"), so it tastes, puffs, and satisfies just like a cigarette does.  

Dura True® is a product that can truly help people; one that lowers so many of the traditional hurdles that keep analog smokers from jumping into the digital world of e-cigarettes. Give it a try today and let us know what you think.