DuraSmoke Chill Line

Are you a chill chaser? Do you find yourself adding menthol to any eliquid that you vape, craving that icy blast that shocks your senses awake and delivers a powerful throat hit? If so, the DuraSmoke® Chill Line will be your new favorite thing. We’ve taken a wide selection of our fruitiest flavors, dropped in a hefty helping of menthol and created something that no menthol lover could turn down!

Be warned, our chill flavors aren’t going to give you a tickle of menthol to tease you—they’re going to freeze you to the very bone! Take a hit from our peach chill or strawberry chill and feel your eyes glaze over; strap yourself in for pineapple chill and treat yourself to an exotic flavor; or pucker up for lemon chill and taste a true lemon flavor! If you’re a lifelong menthol lover, it’s time to start shopping here.