DuraSmoke Cream Line

With a dollop of cream and the explosive fruit flavors that you already know and love, the DuraSmoke® Cream Line features flavors to savor! Each of these delectable options features a heavy dose of fruit, complemented neatly by a creamy aftertaste that rounds out even the most exotic flavor. From the richness of peach cream to the tantalizing combination that pear cream has to offer, you’re going to enjoy every last drop of these eliquids.

Each cream line variation has been crafted for consistency, delivering three distinct appeals to your senses. First, you’ll get an unwaveringly smooth flavor that lingers in your mouth; second, you’ll experience a flood of vapor that’s guaranteed to impress you; and third, you’ll be gifted with a delicate aroma that’s just sweet enough to fall in love with. But, don’t take our word for it: give any of these great eliquids a try for yourself!