DuraSmoke Dessert Line

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a good dessert—even one that’s in vapor form! If you’re craving the taste of cheesecake, chocolate, peanut butter or ice cream, there’s no reason to deny yourself any longer. The DuraSmoke® Dessert Line is second to none when it comes to unique flavor, full-body vapor, superb aftertaste and intoxicating smells. When you fire up something like chocolate cake, you’re in for a full body experience—one that you can smell, taste and see, calorie free!

These dessert eliquids vary in intensity and complexity, giving our customers a vast range of flavors to choose from. For simple pleasures, take a turn with chocolate mint, cherry cheesecake or vanilla. For something a bit more refined, opt for banana nut bread, English toffee or chocolate hazelnut. No matter if you’re looking for that after-dinner vape or an all day flavor that you’ll never get sick of, you’ll find your just desserts here!