DuraSmoke Drink Line

Some of your all-time favorite beverage flavors have found their way to vapor form! No, we’re not bottling soft drinks and coffees, but we are replicating the flavors you love in eliquid form! Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, energy drink fiend, or cocktail sipper, you’re going to be blown away by the accuracy of our DuraSmoke® Drink Line flavors. You’ll swear that each draw of vapor from these eliquids is the equivalent of taking a big gulp of your favorite beverage.

Toast a celebration with champagne; pick yourself up in the morning with mocha; or get your mindset motivated with Dura Bull! Best of all, through our proprietary flavor mixing process, we’ve been able to add a few subtle flavors that make these eliquids dance on the tip of your tongue! Give any of them a try and let us know how long it takes until you’ve fully replaced your morning coffee or your daily soft drink intake!