DuraSmoke Fruit Line

Who doesn’t love the taste of fresh fruit? From a juicy peach to a citrusy pineapple, the DuraSmoke® Fruit Line replicates your favorite tastes in our vast selection of fruit-flavored eliquids. You’ll find all of the staple fruits you love, along with a few exotic options that you may not have yet been fortunate enough to taste. And, if you love one, you’re sure to love them all, since our fruit eliquids are created with the same high quality ingredients and meticulous R&D processes!

Try some of our fan favorites like green apple or piña colada—or, if you’re looking for the big up and coming flavors, give banana and black cherry a try! Feeling daring? Get two of your favorite flavors and mix them together—you’re certain to come away with a fruit concoction that you won’t be able to put down. So what are you waiting for? Put together your own fruity eliquid cocktail today!