DuraSmoke Tobacco & Menthol Blends

Whether you’re someone that simply doesn’t want to mess with all of the exotic eliquid flavors that vaping has to offer or you’re content with the teeth-chattering chill of a traditional menthol eliquid, DuraSmoke® traditional tobacco and menthol blends are for you. We’ve taken classic tastes and a refined them to their most purest flavors, while also going above and beyond to craft some excellent variations that will knock your socks off!

We don’t mess around when it comes to perfecting our tobacco and menthol eliquid flavors. Our tobaccos are bold, smooth, aromatic and absolutely pack a punch, while our menthol eliquid varieties are certain to deliver that chilling blast you love so much. Get started with either classic tobacco or menthol eliquid and when you’re feeling adventurous, RY4, DuraBacco, and more await you!