Vape Apes - (4) Flavors

Vape Apes LogoBased out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Vape Apes are a dedicated group of vapers with one simple goal in mind: to produce high quality, American-made eLiquids that you’ll go bananas for! Conceived on the fourth of July in 2013 by three friends who were sharing a vape, the Apes wasted no time in getting to work in forming their own eLiquid company! Today, The Vape Apes are hard at work producing exceptional flavors that are shipped all around the country!

Don’t be fooled by the name—The Vape Apes produce more than just banana-flavored eLiquids! In fact, below you’ll find some of their amazingly delicious flavors, stemming from all areas of the flavor gamut. Give Patti’s Cakes a try if you’re a wild about desserts; soak up some Monkey Punch if you’re crazy about delightful fruit medleys; and be sure to give the signature Goji Melon Berry a try if you need a fruit explosion in your life!