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Tank Crack BannerThe fresh, crisp taste of our Apple Cinnamon eliquid will make you feel like you’ve just taken a bite of a delicious, homemade apple pie. It’s a perfect blend of a juicy apple and the warm bite of a cinnamon stick that will make your taste buds tingle with the sensation of a perfect flavor pair. It’s autumn in an eliquid; delivering the feeling of falling leaves, dropping temperatures and the changing season right into your lungs, making you yearn for the taste of a warm apple cider on a cool day in October.

But our Apple Cinnamon eliquid isn’t just for those chilly autumn days. Enjoy this rich flavor on a mid-summer’s night or as a compliment to your evening tea. The sweet taste of apple and subtle intensity of cinnamon will compliment any relaxing moment, giving you an enjoyable vape that you’ll taste from the first moment to the last.


We recommend this product be used in a metal or glass atomizing device, cinnamon flavoring will damage some plastic tanks!

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  • 5
    Apple cinnamon eliquid

    Posted by joseph lovrek on 29th Jun 2015

    I have tried a lot of eliquids and found that the apple cinnamon to be the best yet. It takes away the urge to light up a cig. It has a very rich flavor. I love this vape.

  • 2
    CINNAMON..... apple

    Posted by Angie Andretti on 4th Apr 2014

    OMG way too much cinnamon! It's supposed to be apple cinnamon, not cinnamon blast with a hint of apple. It feels like smoking potpourri, but as the last reviewer said it has potential if they just re-balanced it (with far less cinnamon flavor!) Perhaps I'll buy the plain apple liquid some time and try mixing small amounts of this into it. Things like this make me miss the DIY liquid offerings because I could often fix a bad eLiquid by adding extra base and/or sweetener.

  • 3
    Apple? Cinnamon

    Posted by LM on 27th Oct 2013

    Well, I went ahead and ordered this against my better judgement. This flavor needs to be called sweet cinnamon, not apple cinnamon. I cant taste apple at all. The initial hit is a very sweet taste, followed by what I can only describe as potpourri. A strong cinnamon flavor and not much else. I wont be trying this again.

  • 2
    Mouthful of cinnamon

    Posted by Wayne Sailor on 20th Sep 2013

    Smells like apple cider mix, which I love. The taste is ok. It tastes like a I get a mouthful of cinnamon though and just a hint of apple. I think there is way to much cinnamon and way to little apple flavor.
    If you want an idea of what this is like get a spoonful of cinnamon and eat that and you'll have an idea. Defiantly not American Eliquids best stuff in my opinion. I think it needs some adjusting and could it could be great though.

  • 1
    Yuck, Tastes Like Potpourri

    Posted by Anonymous on 29th Mar 2013

    I don't know how this is getting good reviews. It tastes like an air freshener. I can't get the residual taste out of my atomizer. Ugh, that was $10 wasted.

  • 4

    Posted by RL on 22nd Feb 2013

    I didn't think I would like a fruit flavored e liquid so I bought a small bottle to try it. I am back to order a larger bottle now. It tastes like Jolly Rancher Green Apple with a smack in the mouth of cinnamon added. It should probably be called cinnamon apple instead of apple cinnamon but it's great whatever you call it. My girlfriend also likes the smell of it, unlike the Halo Cafe Mocha I bought from another website. My girlfriend says that stuff smells like burning plastic and won't let me vape it in her house. I got this in a 50/50 mix with 18mg of nicotine and it blows a decent cloud of vapor through a JoyeTech 510-T tank setup. If it had a bit more apple flavor I would have given it the full 5 stars. Try it.

  • 5
    Like Having Dessert!

    Posted by Anonymous on 31st Jan 2013

    This flavor is so good! It is like having dessert! I taste just a hint of the apple with an atomic fireball flavor added. My husband loves how it smells while I'm vaping. Very good flavor!

  • 5
    Apple Pie

    Posted by Jesse on 28th Jan 2013

    I quite honestly loved this flavor. It tastes exactly like the bottle says, Apple Cinnamon. I ordered mine 70/30 pg/vg. Great smoke, great taste: all of my long time cigarette smoking friends said they'd rather have an e-cig now because of this flavor. Keep up the good work guys, these flavors are incredible.

  • 5
    Excellently Blended

    Posted by Sylvie on 24th Oct 2012

    I tried zero nic in a 70VG/30PG mixture at 3.9v with a standard 2.4oHm, 510 punched cartomizer tank.

    I hate cinnamon but I really love this flavor! It feels like i am vaping mild apple atomic fireball juice. And, although I got zero nic, I am still quite satisfied after vaping this flavor! I definitely will be re-ordering with 6mg/mL nic to use as an all day vape when it comes time for a tobacco break.