Prepper Pack - 7000mL!

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Whether you are looking to add eliquid to your "bug out bag" or whether you are preparing for a possible FDA mandated eliquid apocalypse at some time in the future, our Prepper Pack may be just what you are looking for. Stack one or more on a shelf in the basement, lock in your safe / gun cabinet / safe room or bury it in the backyard. When you need eliquid, you can have access to a several year supply.

This 7,000mL Prepper Pack comes as 7 1000mL bottles inside of a child resistant bulk storage container that has a push-tab screw off lid for safe, secure, stackable storage.  Each of the 7 1000mL containers are customizable, you choose the flavor/nicotine level/base liquid. We have chosen special containers that our own PhD Chemist believes will allow the juice to last as long as needed in the case the FDA successfully [through regulation] shuts down this industry.  Think of the day where your state tax on eliquid products are 95% as in Minnesota, or inaccessible except from few manufacturers as in Indiana...  Heck, if you currently live in location like those that isn't vaping friendly, maybe it's time for a vacation in the beautiful woods of SouthEast Wisconsin?

If you want to be prepared, you need to think preparedness.  These containers ship within 3 days right to your doorstep.  Do not be caught wishing you had made the decision to be prepared in the future, prepare NOW.