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DuraSmoke® Wolfberry eLiquid

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Product Description

What’s a wolfberry? It’s actually a… eh… berry… which is a fruit that tastes like… berries… uh…

Okay, so we’ve actually never had a wolfberry per say (unless you count the flavored vodka that we’re basing this flavor off of). But, regardless of what it’s called, you can be sure that this flavor is packed with great flavor and an amazing blend of tastes that will leave you berry satisfied (pun definitely intended). Silky smooth on the inhale, with a bubbly aftertaste that’s intriguing and exciting, this flavor is a whole bag of fun, mixed into a bottle. 


Warranty Information

The DuraSmoke® brand offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products sold within a 30-day span. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any of our regularly priced retail products, you can return them for a full refund within 30-days of the initial purchase. We are unable to process returns after this initial 30-day period.

Product Reviews

  1. I'm SO glad I tried this at a vape store!! DONT SHY AWAY DUE TO THE NAME!!! It's " GOJI "BERRIES!!! Yea, now u know what it is? Uh

    Posted by Jenni Reedy on 25th Mar 2016

    I fell in love with DURA SMOKE Eliquid when I tried the Peach chill . I was a smoker of menthol so for 15 yrs. after quitting as soon as I tried an ECig , I soon wanted something else besides " menthol", yet when I used other flavors I didn't get the same satisfaction . I tried PEACH CHILL @ a local vape shop & it became my ADV. after months of using it, I sorta lost the taste? I needed to break it up with other flavored Eliquids, & my new best friend became the CHILL LINE! Uhh it's so great for Menthol smokers that want to try flavors! Perfect! Well, to get to this one. The local store only carried a limited selection of the Chill line, 2-3 ones & I didn't care for raspberry as it was thick & too artificial & colored. So I decided to try the weird one that nobody ever bought! " Wolfberry"! To my amazement & pure delight it was GREAT!! Not too sweet, but some sweetness, I couldn't put my finger on the flavor but somehow I " knew" I had tasted it before... Well, I take a lot of supps and eat berries, nuts, & flax things most people don't. Well I eat GOJI BERRIES! Yea, you probably HAVE heard of GOJI BERRIES or the juice! Well that's what " Wolfberry " IS- GOJI BERRY!! I came across an article about the benefits of the Goji berries I eat & make tea out of ( u can use them in baking, they are like eating a raisin with a cranberry/pomegranate sweet taste) and it had OTHER names for the GOJI berry & Wolberry was one! I knew I had tasted & loved the flavor before! Well, I've had others try it & they ALL like it! But say they would not order it from the description! It sounds like THEY DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS!?!
    I'm telling you, it's a Great Flavor! I wish they would CHANGE the name to GOJI BERRY & make a CHILL one too! Hint hint... I put a small amount of Durasmoke reg 50/50 menthol in my tank & make this taste just like the chill flavors I love! It satisfies my menthol craving & throat hit need ( I don't need a lot, I no longer can vape just plain menthol as its too much for me.) People that don't care for menthol have tried my Chill line Eliquid flavors & really loved them too. It's mild & you still taste the fruit that it's suppose to be not just menthol like other blends I've tried. But whether or not you like chill or menthol , you WILL like this " Wolfberry " aka GOJI BERRY! If you like fruit vapes, you'll like this. It's not the same old thing but not a wacky mix of frankenberries either! If you have tried or eat Goji berries than you'll LOVE this! Is now my ADV & I get Peach chill, or green apple chill( very good btw dead on & mild menthol!) , to break it up because I never want to lose the taste/flavor of THIS is SO good!!
    Try a small bottle, I'm telling you it's great. They SHOULD change the Darn name for sure! Many people would know what the heck it is & try it! I'm just glad I took a shot & tried it that day at the vape shop! Now I only buy from American Eliquid Store!! Free shipping, lowest prices ( even lower than Dura smoke themselves people !!!!!) and the orders are at my door in 2-3 days! The best Hands down. If they had my nautilus coils I'd never go to the vape shop again!
    Hope this helps others try this incredible flavor. I never would have either due to the weird name & description that they don't really know what it is! Well why would I buy it?!! So now you know- Goji, not " Wolfberry " & it's awesome. So no excuse, get some!!!

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