Dura True® Starter Pack

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These Starter Packs are a bulletproof grab-n-go alternative to a pack of cigarettes

We built these starter packs to be flat out bulletproof. Your DuraCig™ battery comes fully charged, your sealed DuraTank™ is filled to the brim, all that's left to do is turn your battery on. In fact, starter might not even be the right name for these DuraCigs™, sure, they're starters, like the ripcord on a chainsaw. 

No learning curve, no messy liquids or tank filling, all you have to do to enjoy our DuraCig™ Starter kit is screw on the DuraTank™, click your battery's front button 5 times (to turn it on) and you're ready to leave the smokes behind for a flat out better alternative. It'll taste, puff, and satisfy like a real cigarette, we guarantee it, or your money back.  

Included in each Dura True® Starter Kit, regardless of your flavor preference are:

  • 1 900 mAh DuraCig™ battery (pre-charged)
  • 1 2.0 mL DuraTank™ (Pre-filled)
  • 1 DuraSmoke® DuraCig Charger 

If value is a measure of getting exactly what you're looking for, look no further, our DuraCig™ Starter Kits are everything you're looking for. The freedom to enjoy real cigarette flavor wherever you go, without the smoke, smell, or fire!

Want to know more about how our Dura True® Starter Pack works? Check out our guide & short video.


Dura True® offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products sold within a 30-day span. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any of our regularly priced retail products, you can return them for a full refund within 30-days of the initial purchase. We are unable to process returns after this initial 30-day period.