DuraSmoke® CitraSmash eLiquid

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Crisp, bright, mellow, and mouth watering. CitraSmash packs everything that's right about citrus vapes into one amazing liquid

If you're a daily DuraSmoke® vaper, you probably think you know what to expect from them, finely crafted eliquids with everything you expect, and nothing you don't. Every one of their flavors is crafted with precision and attention to maintining authenticity and freshness. Take that attention to detail, and imagine a whole different flavor experience. Welcome to DuraSmoke® Premium Eliquids. 

Citrus lovers Beware!

CitraSmash is no simple blend of oranges and lemons. It's a complex citrus bouquet that hints at a soft drink, but brings so much more to the experience. Possibly the best thing, there's no chalky, dry aftertaste or finish to CitraSmash, it stays clear and mellow all the way through. No overpowering single flavors, it's truly a crafted eliquid made to satisfy a real citrus lover. 

In the dripping atomizer, CitraSmash is...

Amazing. Even at high heat, the citrus flavors stay light, and won't carry a burnt taste. All of the individual flavor elements of the eliquid stay just like they would in a tank. Better still, CitraSmash, like all DuraSmoke® Premium Eliquids, is a 100% VG base, so you can leave the snap, crackle, pop behind and enjoy huge flavor with huge clouds to match. 

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