All About Atomizers

Atomizers are the heating element of your electronic cigarette and are the pieces responsible for producing the glorious plumes of vapor that you’re used to while vaping.

In keeping with the variety of different components available in the eCigarette world, there are also a great many different types of atomizers as well. At the AmericaneLiquidStore® company, we tend to carry 510 atomizers, as opposed to 801, 901 and 401 units.

Which Atomizer Works With My Battery?

Choosing an atomizer depends mostly on the battery that you’re using. We try to keep this as simple as possible by offering the same type of atomizer across all of our eCigarette kits—this eliminates confusion and allows you to swap atomizers over all of our kits.

What’s A Low Resistance Atomizer?

Low resistance atomizers are great for experienced vapers who like to customize their vape in terms of taste, throat hit and flavor. Essentially, what these atomizers do is offer a low operating resistance (as the name implies) to your battery output so that the liquid is atomized faster. The tradeoff of this is that there can be a risk of burning your eLiquid.

Why Isn’t My Atomizer Firing?

Atomizers can become “gunked” over time, meaning that eLiquid that has been atomized in the past can leave a residue on them that makes it harder for them to fire. In some cases, fixing this is as easy as scraping off the excess gunk and replacing the atomizer. In other cases, it might just be time for a new atomizer. The lifespan tends to be short for atomizers because they come into direct contact with eLiquid.