All About Cartomizers

A cartomizer is one combined unit for both the cartridge and the atomizer.

The big difference between a cartomizer and an atomizer is that an atomizer has the heating element on one end and the eLiquid on the other end (in a cartridge). So an atomizer relies on "wicking action", similar to an oil candle, to get the eLiquid to the heating element.


A cartomizer is constructed much differently. The heating element goes down the center of the cartomizer, from one end to the other, and the filler/eLiquid is contained in a cylinder all the way around the heating element. The entire center of the cartomizer heats and because the eliquid is all around and close to the heating element, you don't have to "top off", it's able to use all of the liquid.

Our cartomizers are easily refillable, just pop the rubber top off with the end of a paper clip, and put about 25-30 drops of your favorite flavor eLiquid right in!


Is There Filler Material To Replace?

The filler material in cartomizers is not replacable. The reason for this is because of how the electronics are inserted. The heating element in the cartomizer goes right down the center in a small straw, with the wires attached at both ends, so you can't remove the filler. FYI, because the heating element goes the entire length, that's one reason cartomizers vape better: in effect the heating element is closer to all the eliquid.

Do I Clean My Cartomizer?

Because it's not replaceable, it's also not cleanable.

How Do I Know When My Cartomizer Is No Longer Good?

You'll toss it either when the heating element dies, or if it starts to taste funny... The most common reason for taste changing is running it too dry. If it starts to taste burnt at all, this usually means it's too dry and starting to heat the filler material.

How Do I Fill A Cartomizer?

Filling a cartomizer is very easy. Our cartomizers generally have a white rubber cap on the end that you inhale through, unlike other cartomizers that have a ridgid plastic end. Ours won't break or crack.

Using a bent paper clip, insert the straightened end into the hole in the rubber cap. Keep the paperclip shallow, if you insert the paper clip too deep you can damage the atomizer. Angle the paperclip so that the end will catch on the under side of the rubber cap and pull the cap off.

Now, using your favorite eLiquid, you can fill your cartomizer. We have been able to get about 30 drops of our eLiquid into our cartomizers. We suggest you wait a short time before vaping for all the liquid to be absorbed into the filler on the sides of the cartomizer.

To replace the rubber cap, simply place the cap back on top of the cartomizer and gently push it back into place.

Cartomizer Tips And Tricks

These videos explain how to get the most out of your cartomizers.

Most customers LOVE them for their increased capacity, better vapor and lower cost (we like them, too).  However, a few customers have reported problems getting the most out of them, with some that seem to have a hard draw and/or low vapor production. Because we're very serious about customer service, we've worked closely with customers reporting issues. In some cases, we've had them ship back cartomizers they were having problems with and tested in our lab.  In every case we've seen, we've had no problem using cartomizers customers thought were "bad". 

So, we put together this video that goes into great detail to demonstrate how to get the most out of cartomizer.  If you're looking to address a specific problem, Part 1 of the video contains 5 Tips & Tricks that will help you get the most out of your cartomizers.  If you're a detail person, Part 2 goes into great detail to show you the inner workings of both atomizers and cartomizers, so you can see the difference and why the tips & tricks are important.

Part 1

Part 2