eCig Calculator

Wonder how much money you'll save by switching to eCigs? 

Calculate your cost savings

Want to see how much you’re saving on a monthly or yearly basis by switching to eLiquid and ecigarettes from traditional cigarettes? Click "Ecig Savings" below, plug in your cost information in the calculator above and you can see your savings in real-time! Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your cost per pack value based on how much your usual brand of cigarettes costs you each time you buy them.
  2. Enter the number of packs that you smoke on a daily basis, rounding up or down to the nearest pack total.
  3. Our calculator will extrapolate your costs to show how much you’re paying for cigarettes on a daily, monthly and yearly basis—then, we’ll compare that cost to the cost of eLiquid, based on your quantities, to show you your savings!

Here are the assumptions we’re taking into account:

  • One milliliter of eLiquid is equal to one pack of cigarettes, based on the nicotine content standard.
  • One bottle of eLiquid is equal to 15mL, since this is one of the standard sizes that our eLiquid comes bottled in.
  • A 15mL bottle, at its full retail price, is $9.99. Your cost per bottle could be lower when buying from certain brands or during sale periods—we’re simply using the highest cost to show your savings, which means they could be even greater!

The results are tremendous, no matter which way you spin it—switching to ecigarettes is going to save you money in the immediate and in the long term! The proof is in the numbers! 

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