Where Can I Use An eCigarette?

Because they produce no smoke, ash or tar, using an electronic cigarette is much more widely accepted than smoking an analog cigarette. Bars, bowling alleys and restaurants are great places to utilize this freedom, if of course, they allow eCigarettes. Because public eCigarette use is regulated at the state level, where you live partially determines where it’s acceptable to use one in a public setting. Here are a few ways to find out where it’s acceptable to use your smoking alternative:

Check Your Local Laws

If there is a ban on eCigarette use in a public forum, it will most likely be built into the smoking ban for your state. This varies greatly across the United States. In some places, like our home state of Wisconsin, this is at the discretion of the owner of the establishment. In other states, like North Dakota, eCigarette use is banned entirely in a public establishment.

Ask The Owner

In states where it comes down to the establishment owner’s opinion on eCigarette use, it’s always best to ask. Most times, if you explain what an eCigarette is and its benefits are, you’ll be met with cooperation. Some people may have their reasons for not allowing it, and the best thing to do is respect this opinion.

Be Discreet

If you’re intent on vaping somewhere where you’re not sure if it’s allowed or not, the best thing you can do is be discreet about it. Blowing your vapor into your sleeve or an empty bottle is the best way to do this and is perhaps the most respectable. Please be aware that this is generally not encouraged, as it can lead to confrontation if you’re caught.