JoyeTech eGo-C, eCab, eRoll Coil - 5 Pack

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A five pack of atomizers for the all-new Joye eGo-C, eCab and eRoll. These atomizers will replace your used, worn down units after weeks of constant vaping. The convenient five pack allows you to immediately replace your old eGo-C, eCab or eRoll atomizer head, while giving you backups at the same time.

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    Atomizer 5 pack

    Posted by Unknown on 12th May 2015

    They are very good. Longevity depends on the usage of vaporing done.(I do not use the LR)

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    As a Long-Time eGo-T User, I Rate the eGo-C Six Stars Out of Five.

    Posted by Scott Brown on 22nd Feb 2012

    I'm pushing my third year of vaping, haven't once had a cigarette nor wanted one in all this time. During said time, however, I've kept up with advances in the design of e-cigarettes. (Including one which looks like something Mr. Spock and Scotty jerry-rigged under the dashboard of the SS Enterprise after a Klingon attack--do I hear a chuckle or two? Good, I'm not the only one who bought one of those Boy Mechanic basement monstrosities.) Like many vapers, I have a drawer full of mismatched parts, horrific chemical-tasting flavors I probably won't use until the end of the world as we know it, and of course a couple of boxfuls of near-dead $15 three-week atomizers (saving them "in case of emergency," you understand).

    I told Quentin (American e-Liquid Store support guy extraordinaire) after Joye upgraded their eGo-T atomizer to LR (low electrical resistance)--which I understand was a suggestion on his/AeLS's part to the engineers at Joye?--that I was so satisfied with the improvement (better draw, longer life, far less annoying leakage around the stem or through the tip) that I doubted they could improve the product much further. (I recall saying I wanted a direct collect phone call if they ever DID come up with a better product, but that as far as I was concerned, everything was totally up to date in Kansas City [aka Wauwatosa, WI], they'd gone about as far as they could go...).

    Look at me: WRONG.

    Despite all the spare parts in my junk drawer, including eGo-T batteries, which fit the eGo-C just fine, I ordered a whole new $79 kit, just to be sure I was starting at square one. I'm on my third atomizer insert as I type (kit came with five), and I honestly don't know how many weeks they are lasting me. At least as long as the old $15 ones, but at under $5 a pop, I'm no longer marking my calendar. Don't think about it anymore, who cares? Most smokers are paying more than that PER DAY.

    Does my eGo-C still require occasional mopping around the cylinder when the battery gets low? Sure, it tells me to change out the battery with a freshly charged one, stupid (failure to pay attention to the warning light under the button). Does it suck unvaporised e-liquid into my mouth like most of the older models? Uh, hmm...not so's I've noticed; actually not at all, come to think of it. Does it eventually get harder and harder to draw toward it's EOL ("end of useful life")? Yup, same as your car's fuel filter. (Hint: time to change it out; not for $15, rather, for under five bucks!)

    I knew I was saving a fortune (and what's left of my health after 45 years of inhaling burning chemicals and combusted leaf tar). Now I'm improving even upon THAT savings, by nearly one-third, the other costs being negligible compared to the ongoing cost of replacing entire atomizers when only the internal electronic component actually needs replacement.

    Kudos to Joye Co. for the eGo-C and its replaceable component, and of course, many thanks to AeLS, currently the best e-cigarette sales and support outfit on the planet (trust me, dear readers, being by my count on my fourth generation of e-liquid suppliers and seventh generation of devices, I've sampled my share).

    Thanks, guys and gals, for staying on top of the wave for us grateful ex-smokers out here. Again I say to all of you AeLSers to whom I've spoken, you're not just going to work every day, you're improving, probably extending, and even saving lives. Every day you punch in.

    I'm posting this for your website review comments (feel free to edit), but also e-mailing to friends and family, in hopes they may pass it on to others who may have tried and failed at the e-cig transformation, for lack of quality products and service. There are so many companies out there selling the glitz but lacking the full range of deliverables. I believe you people have the lock.

    Many continued thanks.