The FDA has announced a ban on the shipment of e-cigarettes and vaping products through the postal service.

The agency is planning to classify vape products like tobacco, which would mean that commercial companies could only ship them. In other words, no more vaping mail orders.

This is a big deal for anyone who uses vaping products to quit smoking, as they will be forced to drive long distances to find a brick-and-mortar shop in order to buy their e-liquid.

Many vapers have turned to online shopping in recent years because it’s convenient and allows them to buy in bulk. Now they’ll have no choice but to go back out into the world, where they may not feel safe vaping around other smokers.

TNT, FedEx, and UPS all have services that allow you to ship e-liquid safely and legally. Contact one of these companies directly for information on how to fill out the forms necessary to ship your products. You can also contact USPS and ask if you can put e-liquid in a flat rate box. Ensure your packages are marked with the proper shipping classifications, so they are not held up at customs. However, it’s worth noting using these services could cost more.

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