how to make cbd bath bomb

How to Make CBD Bath Bomb for Relaxation and Pain Relief

Showering after a long day has got to be the most soothing feeling in the world. It feels like the water washes off your stress leaving you thoroughly rested. What if we told you something is missing?
Ah, what could be better than this?
Using CBD bath bombs. That’s right. Even better, you don’t have to buy it from a store! Making your CBD-infused bath product at home is fun and straightforward.
Plus, you can customize your unique scents and colors for each bomb.
Consider this your DIY guide to making the best CBD …

Vape Guides and E-Cig Reviews

The Complete Guide to Vaping for Beginners

Using vape is hailed as the new version of smoking. E-juice, often known as e-liquid, is a nicotine-infused vapor inhaled by users. A digital circuit heats the e-liquid, producing vapor, which the user inhales.
Vape equipment, such as e-cigs and mods, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and formats. Each includes a heat source, wicking materials, a battery, and an e-liquid chamber.
The wicking mechanism is coiled around a heating coil and takes the e-liquid before producing vapors when the activation …

Vape Guides and E-Cig Reviews

DIY Vape Juice: A Beginner’s Guide

In recent years, the popularity of vaping has significantly grown. One of the main reasons behind this is that there are plenty of vape juice flavors to choose from. However, these juices can be quite expensive, and in some cases, you don’t really know what’s in them. This is why it’s understandable if you are thinking of making your own vape juice.
However, is it possible for you to do this, and if yes, how? The answer to this question is yes; you can definitely make your own vape juice. If you are interested in knowing how you have come to the…

Vaping News

How to Get E-Juice Online When it is Banned

The FDA has announced a ban on the shipment of e-cigarettes and vaping products through the postal service.
The agency is planning to classify vape products like tobacco, which would mean that commercial companies could only ship them. In other words, no more vaping mail orders.
This is a big deal for anyone who uses vaping products to quit smoking, as they will be forced to drive long distances to find a brick-and-mortar shop in order to buy their e-liquid.
Many vapers have turned to online shopping in recent years because it’s convenient and allows them to buy in bulk. Now they’ll have no choice but to go…

Vaping News

Rogue Vapes: Analyzing the FDA’s Current Regulatory Process

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently begun the process of banning vape flavors. The government agency has already issued the decisions for over 2 million market applications. So far, it has only been marketing denial orders (MDOs), which require the products to be pulled from the market immediately.
Tobacco products have been in the sights of government regulators for a while now. In 2009, Congress passed the Tobacco Control Act, giving the FDA authority to regulate tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, and other vaping devices. Under this act, the FDA created a list of additives that are banned from use in …