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A lot of people think that proper etiquette is dead these days—people forget their manners, aren’t sure of what is appropriate or not, or maybe just don’t care altogether! You can see it anywhere you go: at restaurants, in movie theaters or even just walking down the street. Unfortunately, another place you might see a lack of manners is when it comes to vaping…

Let’s clear this up right away: not all vapers have poor manners when it comes to vaping—in fact, most people have excellent manners! But, there are those few people that seem to ruin it for us all: people who just don’t care if they’re being rude or not.

The purpose of this blog post isn’t to chide those “vaping jerks” or scold people who might not always follow the rule, but rather to define them more clearly, so that we can keep a positive light on vaping, instead of the negative one that poor manners can bring with them.

Vaping do’s and don’ts

While there might not be as many clear cut rules for vaping as there are for smoking, it’s important to remember that common sense reigns supreme in situations where you’re just not sure about what to do.

Let’s start with a list of things that you should do while you’re vaping—whether you’re in a crowded public place or just sitting with some friends:

  • Do ask if you can vape before you start puffing away. In some cases it’s okay to just vape, but if you’re in close proximity, ask before you start blowing clouds—it helps to put people at ease and makes you look courteous.
  • Do control your vapor. While you might blow crazy clouds at home, people around you might not always appreciate the wisps of vapor flying into their face… no matter how good it might smell!
  • Do be patient with people. By now, many people know what vaping is, but they still might have questions about it. Remember, the more people know and the more pleasant you are about it, the more willing they are to keep an open mind about vaping.
  • Do observe your surroundings. If there’s a no smoking sign clearly posted, there’s a good bet that you can’t vape there either. When in doubt, ask someone with authority—you might be surprise at the answer you get by simply just asking first!

Now, let’s cover some of the “don’ts” of vaping—items that might make you seem like a jerk or create a negative perception of vaping that hurts the community and the lifestyle:

  • Don’t vape where you’re not supposed to! These days, many public areas are also putting up “no vaping” signs—especially on public transit. Ignoring the signs and the rules is only going to cause trouble. Your vape can wait.
  • Don’t vape in crowded areas. You’re bound to make someone upset or worried if they’re not sure what you’re doing. Unknowing leads to panic and even if you explain it, the end result might be anger or hostility.
  • Don’t advocate vaping to minors. This is a big one because right now, there’s a public perception that ecig makers are targeting kids—which we all know isn’t the case. If you knowingly or accidently advocate vaping to someone who isn’t of legal age, it’s not going to reflect well on you or the industry.
  • Don’t keep vaping after you’re told to stop in a public area. Even if you think you can get away with stealth vaping, the answer is still to stop—going against the rules of the facilities or management means giving vaping a bad name.

At the end of the day, the do’s and don’ts of vaping are mostly common sense. Make sure that you’re putting on a presentable façade when it comes to vaping and you’ll keep yourself from looking rude and give off a positive perception of the industry as a whole.

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