Big Tobacco is Trying to Ban #Vaping!

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Big Tobacco CartoonYou read the title right: even though Big Tobacco is getting into the vaping industry with brands like Blu, Vuse and MarkTen, lobbyists representing RJ Reynolds (Vuse) are pushing to ban vaping! Why would Big Tobacco try to get legislation passed that hurts the very products that they’re now jumping on board with? The answer gets clearer the closer you look at the situation…

According to tech website Gizmodo and The Winston-Salem Journal:

“Reynolds submitted a 119-page document to the US Food and Drug Administration arguing to ban “open system” vapourisers and flavoured products. Those are the DIY mods that come with tanks you fill yourself with the e-liquid of your choice.”

Now, what Big Tobacco is trying to define as “DIY mods” is quite a bit different from what vapers know them to be.

When the vaping industry talks about mods, we’re talking about rebuildable atomization units that can reach sub-ohm output levels, hefty builds that require mega batteries to power and mechanical mods that require a basic knowledge of electrical engineering to understand: not your basic 650mAh battery and a refillable clearomizer!

The bottom line is that Big Tobacco is once again trying to corner the market and this time, they’re trying to do it with their “cig-alike” products that offer terrible battery life, weak flavorings and high costs.

Countering the trend and cornering the market

Big Tobacco’s push against banning refillable ecigs isn’t just a slap in the face to the vapers that they’re currently marketing to—it’s a move that they’re trying to spin, to make them seem like they’re once again “looking out for public health.”

According to the submission by RJ Reynolds, which asks the FDA to consider a ban on refillable ecigs:

“We believe open-system vapour products create unique public health risks. These systems are highly subject to adulteration and tampering.”

Because Big Tobacco would never want a product on the market that might be harmful to our health, now would they? Nice try guys.

This is a pretty obvious move to shake down the vaping industry and eliminate any competitors that might have a better handle on the market. Rather than adapt their products to compete in a fair and open market, where refillable ecigs and an infinite number of eLiquid flavors thrive, Big Tobacco is doing what it does best: throwing money at the problem and undermining the legislative process to get what it wants.

Vapers unite

Think about a world where Big Tobacco is allowed to control the vaping industry as they currently do with the tobacco industry. You’ll get to pick and choose from a few select ecig brands, each of which offers poor quality products, lackluster flavors and all at a price that’s hugely inflated as compared to what it is now. Not a bright future is it?

What can be done? Unfortunately, not a whole lot has stood in the way of Big Tobacco and lived to tell the tale. Action has to come from the vaping community itself, by way of completely and totally shunning cig-alike products that bear the name Vuse, Blu or MarkTen. Sticking it to Big Tobacco by continuing to by refillable eliquids and the quality products you’ve been vaping for years is the best shot we’ve got against Big Tobacco—after all, it seems like money is the only thing Big Tobacco clearly understands when it comes to vaping.

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