Five Click Battery Protection: the Best Thing for Your Batteries

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It’s a question that AmericaneLiquidStore Customer Service gets every day: “I charged my battery but it still won’t work when I press the button!” And, more often than not, the answer is the same: “did you deactivate the five click protection on your battery?”

Most of the time, people have no idea what we’re talking about when we tell them to deactivate the five-click protection on their battery, but really, this feature is self explanatory—just look at the name! For those of you who still don’t understand what we’re talking about, don’t feel bad: we’re breaking down five click protection throughout this entire blog, to make it simple to understand what it is and the benefits that it offers!

What is it?

As the name would imply, five-click protection is the act of clicking your battery’s button five times to activate and deactivate it. Clicking the button five times rapidly within six seconds causes the button to flash several times, indicating that it has been activated or deactivated.

Five Click ProtectionBut what does it mean for the battery to be activated or deactivated? Take a look:

Activated: When five click protection is activated, simply pressing and holding the battery’s button won’t do anything. The battery is “off.”

Deactivated: After clicking the button five times to deactivate five-click protection, your battery will now be “on,” allowing you to use it like normal.

Why have five-click protection at all?

The benefits of five-click protection are great and really handy even when you’re not thinking about them. For starters, with five-click protection activated, you won’t have to worry about accidently pressing the battery’s button while your ecig is in your pocket—an embarrassing situation for anyone when it happens!

Also, in protecting your battery from misfires and random button presses, you’re conserving its battery power, allowing you to use your ecig for longer without wasting juice in between vapes.

Finally, five-click protection is a safety feature—much like the auto shutoff feature on all ecig batteries (which occurs when the button is pressed for 10 seconds or more). Five click can prevent children from atomizing juice if they pick up your stray ecig and can prevent you from absent mindedly holding the button if you’re not vaping!

How do I know if it’s activated or deactivated?

There’s a simple way to test if your five-click protection is engaged or disengaged: try to vape! If you’re able to atomize juice and vape the day away, your five-click protection is turned off and you’re ready to vape—if you hold the button and nothing happens, give it five fast clicks and get on your way to enjoying your favorite eliquid flavor!

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