The Cloudy Crystal Ball: What's ahead for American Eliquid and the Vaping Industry?

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We've had a lot of awesome stuff happening at American Eliquid lately! You may have heard about a few of the new things like free shipping on all orders in the USA or our new glass bottle option, and if you've been a fan of those changes, there’s even better stuff brewing! We’ve got Space Jam Premium Eliquids headed our way, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring them to you along with the rest of our premium vaping products. We’re adding new ejuice lines at a rate of about one every week, so definitely stay tuned, there’s lots that we’re just getting started on too!

We've also been eyeing with concern and hope the latest news that the FDA is likely to institute industry regulations in the near future. While nobody wants to see insane taxes and radical reform come to an industry whose primary goal is to provide meaningful alternatives, it will likely signal an end to the “Wild Wild West” perception of the industry as a whole, and usher in a new era of growth and development that gives vapers better, more reliable products across the board. There’s a fine line between regulating an industry to death and giving it long lasting legitimacy by welcoming it into the fold of recognized, regulated products. The sad truth is that these regulations may help the vaping industry not shoot itself in the foot by keeping out some of the more radical elements who care more about profits than quality products and real customer service.

While it’s hard to predict what the FDA will do in any given situation, we're hopeful that the grandfather date for existing devices is looking likely to be altered from its original February of 2007 date to become effective upon the passing of the legislation. This is a sign of relief for vapers who have spent the last year worried that Big Tobacco would own the e-cigarette market simply because us smaller companies don’t have their deep pockets. It also means that once this legislation becomes effective, new product development in the industry is likely to slow and vapers are likely to see many smaller companies go out of business, with no replacements forthcoming. It’s hard to be hopeful or pessimistic, there’s just too many variables to be able to know what the state of the industry will look like beyond the next 6 months or so.

We’ve always believed in being “in it for the long haul”, and we’re always looking for ways to stay involved in the industry and do more. If you or someone you know would be a great partner for us, please never hesitate to drop us a line and let us know what you’re thinking. Without you, we couldn’t exist.

As always, we’re honored to be here for you and be a part of your vaping experience. 

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