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510/eGo Horizontal Coil Cartomizer - 5 Pack

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    A cartridge and atomizer in one! This brand new cartomizer for your Joye 510 electronic cigarette can hold more than twice as many drops as a standard cartridge (25 - 30 drops in one cartomizer). If you want the most out of your eCig and are still using regular cartridges, you might want to think about making the switch to our cartomizers. They’re easier to use all the way around, whether it’s filling or vaping, you’ll be happy when you make the switch!

    If you’re a serious vaper who likes a daily vape, feel free to pair a cartomizer with an 510 eCig or 510 Battery. This solution allows you to confidently carry just one eCig and a single filled cartridge. Both the battery and the cartridge will last all day, or several days, even if you were a two or three pack-a-day smoker! It’s the next best thing in eCig convenience: try out a 510 cartomizer today and watch as your vaping experience is evolved!

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    1. Secret Start Up Step??

      Not sure if anyone else has had a start up problem when using a NEW cartomizer(black box)- it doesnt vape!! I actually returned 2 boxes of cartomizers because I couldnt get them to vape. Anyway, now when I begin using a NEW cartomizer, I fill it, attach to the battery and try to vape. It usually doesnt work so I remove it and turn it upside down for about 10 minutes and then it works great!! BTW, the customer service @ Americaneliquid is OUTSTANDING from initial ordering thru problem resolution. I have recommended them to MANY potential customers.
      on 14th Oct 2013

    2. Great Upgrade!

      I had a 510XL kit and was enjoying my atomizer/cartridge combo... until I got these! A great, simple, cheap upgrade for a 510 battery. With the XL battery fully charged, one of these freshly filled produces at least 2x the vape of a regular 510 with atomizer/cartridge. I think I will be happy with this for a while (until I get the ego-c or a mod!). on 16th Jan 2013

    3. Not As Spectacular As The Old Cartomizers, But Not Horrible Either

      I used the old cartomizers sold here (white box) for a decent time and had good success with them, other than finding a long period of time when the battery was low where I would get almost no vapor at all from the carts. But, they didn't gum up quickly and lasted quite a while, so I accepted it.

      Now, with these black box carts, I find that I can't tell when the battery is about to die until it does - I get smooth, heavy vapor the whole time through. However, these things spit like crazy if you even get close to overfilling them one time, leaking out of the bottom, where the threading is, and much more annoyingly, spitting small amounts of eliquid into your mouth with each draw until the fluid level gets down to a more functional level. You can actually hear the cartomizer gurgling if it's overfilled.

      These guys also die a bit faster, gumming up quickly. I'm going through them much more rapidly than with my old cartomizers. I really would like a choice between the two, because I would go back to the old brand if I could. However, as far as available refillable cartomizers go, these are still the best out there that I can find right now, so I'm sticking with them. Good luck and happy vaping!
      on 7th Jan 2013

    4. Updated Review

      I'm posting this updated review to point out a few things about the horizontal coil cartomizers that I've learned over the past several months:

      1. Thank you for lowering the price! Makes them more of a bargain now.

      2. Unfortunately, they don't seem to last as long as the older models. The first batch of these I bought lasted quite a while...up to 2 weeks each. However, I don't know if quality control has lowered on these, but as to the last several batches I ordered, the carts are lasting less than a week before the filler gets "gummed up" (but there's a fix for this...see my third point below). And in a few cases, the heating element burnt out after only 2 days or so.

      3. Now for the good part. As these "horizontal coil" carts are made differently from the old model, there is an easy way to extend the life of them. When the filler material gets gummed up near the end of its life, it can be replaced in these cartomizers. Whereas you couldn't do that with the older model. Just use a pin or toothpick to pull the used filler material out of the cart. You can put new filler material in after that. Just go to your local craft store and buy some polyester fiber fill material (used to make pillows and such). A small pack will run about $5 or so. Stuff this in the cartomizer, packing it in slightly as you go, until it is just below the level of the small draw tube in the center. Then refill with your favorite e-liquid and start vaping again. While you have to refill the cart a little more often than with the original filler material, it can extend the life of your cartomizer up to a month or better in my experience.

      Hope this helps.
      on 22nd Dec 2012

    5. Don't Like These New Black Box Ones

      I always order my cartomizers four boxes at a time in order to take advantage of the free shipping and I must say I am disappointed in these new black box cartomizers.

      I have tried ones from two different boxes thinking I got a bad batch and am not pleased. I have been buying the old white box ones for almost two years now (whenever they first came out) so I know how to fill cartomizers and to not over-fill them.

      With these new ones I keep getting a mouth full of hot liquid when I use them: very disappointed. Hopefully you will offer a choice of either these or the old ones, otherwise I'm not sure what I will do :(
      on 13th Dec 2012

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