Tank Filling Adapter for eLiquid Bottle

AmericaneLiquidStore Tank Filling Adapter (15mL or 30mL/60mL)

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    Tired of the hassle it takes to fill your tanks with eLiquid before you can sit back and enjoy a relaxing vape? We feel your pain! That’s why AmericaneLiquidStore.com has introduced our easy to use tank filling kit! Simply empty your current bottle of eLiquid into the Tank Filling Kit bottle. Then, replace your current eLiquid bottle cap and dropper tip with the new tank filling kit bottle cap, attach needle, you’re ready to go! It’s as simple as that. It works with any tank-style electronic cigarette!

    This kit includes:

    • 60mL or 15mL empty bottle, depending on what size you select. The caps for the different bottle sizes are a different size, so you might want to match whichever bottle size you buy most often. The 60mL cap will fit both our 30mL and 60mL bottles.
    • Blunt needle (1)
    • Needle cap (1)
    • Tank Filling Kit bottle cap, threaded to fit the needle (1)
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    1. Great Idea, Almost

      I now have six of these (one for each flavor) for quick filling and the only reason that they only got four stars from me is because we're still unable to just buy the filling cap/syringe combo. If you could just order the cap, we could use the bottles the liquid shipped in to get every last drop out of them instead of transfering the liquid over or throwing the bottle that was paid for away. Plus, it's nice to have the label that says the flavor, PG/VG ratio and nic strength instead of using a sharpie and writing all over the new bottle. Maybe AmericaneliquidStore should have an option to pay a little more to have the liquids we purchase have this included? on 30th Sep 2012

    2. A Must Have!

      So far I have one of each size and another 15mL on the way. These tank filling kits are awesome - they completely eliminate the fiddle factor for filling tanks.

      I agree with Chuck in his review, being able to purchase extra caps is necessary. What happens when I misplace one of mine is NOT pretty.
      on 5th Jul 2012

    3. Great Tool

      This Kit Tank bottle is a great tool. Too bad you can't buy just the cap. on 15th May 2012


      This is the only way to fill a tank. I thought my syringe was the best,however, this is the only way to go. You can mix & fill w/just this bottle; add more of any flavor & no mess. Just great! I'd also like to say that this was part of my first order w/American eLiquid Store & they now have another very impressed & loyal customer. Ultra fast shipping, excellent products & prices-what more can you ask for?! on 21st Oct 2011

    5. Way overdue, guys! LOL

      I was using my thumbnail to remove the cap, until my thumbnails broke! I will be ordering this tank filling kit today! My only concern will be.....without having a case for this kit, how will we keep the needle from breaking should we be transporting it from place to place? on 1st Sep 2011

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