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    Tank Crack BannerLooking to add some spice to your daily vape? There’s no better way to wake up your senses than with the taste of fresh Cinnamon e Liquid. It’s a tricky flavor that’s a bit bold, not at all boring and isn’t to be taken lightly! One of our strongest flavors, Cinnamon isn’t for those who shy away from taste. Think of it like chewing on a piece of Big Red gum, only our Cinnamon e Liquid won’t lose its flavor over time.

    Cinnamon packs a punch each time you vape. For those who love the tingling sensation of Cinnamon on your lips and tongue, it doesn’t get any better than this. Great for an autumn vape or perhaps paired nicely with a warm cup of coffee in your local coffee shop, our American made Cinnamon e Liquid is a sophisticated flavor for the experienced vaper.

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    1. Powerful flavor

      The flavor is crazy intense. I love cinnamon but find it to be too strong even when mixing with my go to menthol liquid. Next time I'm going to try only a few drops! I think that's seriously all you need. It's def a taste bud blaster! Props on getting the cinnamon down pact. My major issue isn't with the sometimes too intense flavor..I gave it 3 stars because of how the liquid separates. The oil no matter how much you shake it all about instantly goes to the top..this separation causes the thinner liquid to leak into your mouth. No matter how much you like cinnamon, it is not fun times getting the liquid on your lips and in your mouth!! on 31st Aug 2015

    2. deliciously strong

      if you like strong cinnamon flavor, this juice is for you, ive never tasted a flavor this strong before, and ive been looking for a good cinnamon flavor for months. the only thing i really didnt like about it was that the juice seperated, so the oil(flavorings) seemed to seperate and go to the top of the bottle/tank, which means i had to shake it up every time i wanted to smoke. also, the juice was very watery for a 100%vg juice. overall, delicious flavor, just problems with the formulation it seems on 30th Jun 2015

    3. Cinnamon e liquid

      I was a menthol smoker. I mix Cinnamon with Menthol e liquid and the taste is about as close as you can get to the real thing. Kinda in between a Salem and a Newport. Has a pretty good kick to it as well. I mix a 10 ml of Cinnamon and with a 30 ml of Menthol. on 20th Jun 2015

    4. Cinnamon e Liquid

      By far, the best! I tend to mix it with another flavor, but maybe I am just weird. I love it! on 13th May 2015

    5. Intense Flavor

      Great flavor. on 2nd May 2015

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