Cinnamon eLiquid

Cinnamon eLiquid

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    Looking to add some spice to your daily vape? There’s no better way to wake up your senses than with the taste of fresh Cinnamon e Liquid. It’s a tricky flavor that’s a bit bold, not at all boring and isn’t to be taken lightly! One of our strongest flavors, Cinnamon isn’t for those who shy away from taste. Think of it like chewing on a piece of Big Red gum, only our Cinnamon e Liquid won’t lose its flavor over time.

    Cinnamon packs a punch each time you vape. For those who love the tingling sensation of Cinnamon on your lips and tongue, it doesn’t get any better than this. Great for an autumn vape or perhaps paired nicely with a warm cup of coffee in your local coffee shop, our American made Cinnamon e Liquid is a sophisticated flavor for the experienced vaper.

    ***READ THIS***

    AmericaneLiquidStore recommends this product be used in a metal or glass atomizing device, cinnamon flavoring will damage some plastic tanks! 


    Clearomizer Damage Warning

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      Tried Cinnamon today for the very first time. I purchased this flavor in a 70PG / 30VG base. Bold indeed. Feel the tingle on your tongue and taste the cinnamon on your lips. Not sure this flavor could be made any better as it is FANTASTIC as is. I will absolutely re-order this product, only next time, in a bigger bottle. on 13th Sep 2013

    2. Great Additive

      3/4 whatever, 1/4 cinnamon makes the perfect flavor. The cinnamon tastes like cinnamon candy. If you like cinnamon hard candy this is for you. Add more cinnamon and it tastes a lot like Atomic Fireballs. on 23rd Jul 2013

    3. AMAZING!

      I have tried a few different cinnamon flavors from different vendors and this one is hands down the best. I would say it is like eating redhot candy or eating a hot tamales. If you like cinnamon candy you will definitely like this liquid. on 9th Apr 2013

    4. The Best!

      Very good flavoring! on 30th Jan 2013

    5. Accurate Flavoring!

      Tastes exactly like sucking on a cinnamon candy! on 16th Dec 2012

    6. Difficult to Use, a Little Overpowering

      The cinnamon flavor, for me, was too overpowering. To complicate matters, this eLiquid has cinnamon oil in it which separates from the glycerin within just a few seconds. I found that even when you shake it vigorously and drip it immediately, it even separates in my poly-fill carts and the thinner liquid leaks out of the cart and can get into your mouth. I still rated 3 stars only because the flavor is good. Be aware of the glycerin/oil separation though as it could be a problem. on 28th Nov 2012

    7. Big Red Gum, Look Out!!

      This is the ultimate e-liquid! I love how strong the flavor is! My favorite gum is Big Red and with my TMJ, I can't chew gum. Great job with the perfect flavor and vape! on 27th Oct 2012

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