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Orange Cream DuraLiquid

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    An amazing orange flavor mixed perfectly with a rich vanilla cream. It’s a dream-sicle come true! 


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    1. "It's "ORANGE", but not really; "CREAM".

      As another reviewer, stated; "It tastes like orange soda"........which pretty well describes it!
      I was expecting a lot more of the old; "orange creamsicle", flavor and smoothness from this juice, but it just isn't there.
      I still like it, for what it turned out to be........ a very pleasant, good orange flavor, with a nice TH, and plenty of vapor.
      I wouldn't chose it, for an "all day vape", but it is enjoyable for when I want a change of pace, and something "different".
      on 13th Oct 2014

    2. Good Juice

      I get plenty of cream and orange with this juice. I think it is the most like an orange dreamsicle of any juice I have tasted. I love this juice. on 10th Sep 2014

    3. Lots of orange, little cream.

      I ordered the 50/50 blend. I really like the flavor, but I was expecting more on the creamy end of the flavor spectrum. It tastes like orange soda (almost exactly like Orange Crush). It's very tasty. on 25th Apr 2014

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