AmericaneLiquidStore® Bottles

AmericaneLiquidStore® eliquid bottles come in four sizes: 15mL, 30mL, 50mL, and 132mL. Each bottle is made of hard PET plastic which allows them to be disposed of with minimal effect on the environment. Our bottles are also set up with an unregulated dropper tip which allows for a smooth flow of liquid to be emitted when the bottle is squeezed. 

Our bottles work great for dripping into cartomizers or filling tanks, however when it comes to clearomizers, you may require a Tank Filling Adapter to get the job done right. Tank Filling Adapters are easily screwed onto your AmericaneLiquidStore® bottle, allowing for a more precise fill in units that have less room for error.

How To Use A Tank Filling Adapter

In order to use a Tank Filling Adapter, you must first uncap the dropper tip of your AmericaneLiquidStore® bottle. The dropper tip simply pulls off of the bottle to reveal the entire mouth of the bottle. From there, screw on the Tank Filling Adapter cap so that that it is tight. Once the adapter cap is in place, simply screw on the needle to complete the process!