Different Kinds of eCigarettes

Like anything else, eCigarettes come in a pretty substantial variety. For people new to vaping or even for veterans looking to move up the product tiers, it can be hard to figure out what comes next or where your eCigarette fits into the spectrum of things. Here’s an easy breakdown of the different levels of eCigarettes and which models generally fit into them:


Disposable eCigarettes are exactly what they sound like: single use eCigs that are designed to familiarize people with the concept of vaping. These eCigarettes are usually more widely available to the everyday consumer because they’re sold in gas stations and convenience stores across the country. The upside is, they’re super easy to use; the downside is, they’re not much cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes when it comes to the value that you’re getting.

Non Tank Kits

Generally, people who progress up from disposable eCigarettes generally find their way to a non-tank kit, which is familiar to them because it’s essentially a higher-quality, refillable version of a disposable. This is where rechargeable batteries first come into play and cartomizers reign supreme. Fewer pieces to manage means an easier learning experience for someone looking to get involved in eCigarettes on a more cost effective level. Perhaps the most popular kit in this genre is the Joye 510 kit.

Tank Kits

Tank kits offer a step up from traditional non-tank kits by offering even more features and cost effective parts. Tanks themselves have a longer lifespan than traditional cartomizers and the ability to manage the atomizer separately allows for easier replacement in the event of a problem or strained unit. Tank kits also bring with them more customization options, allowing vapers to fine-tune their experience to fit unique preferences: adding clearomizers components, more advanced batteries and personalized accessories. Bestselling kits in this group include the Joye eGo-C and the Joye eCab.

MODS and Advanced Kits

MODS and other advanced kits are the final frontier for vapers, in the sense that they allow for maximum customization and optimal usage. However, with all of these exceptional features comes a steep learning curve, which involves mechanical knowledge of resistances, amperages and voltages. Generally, these units have variable voltage operational capabilities and massive tank add-ons that allow for longer vaping experiences. Some noted varieties of MODS and advanced kits include the Joye eVic, Provari MODS and Tesla MODS.

ePipes and eHookahs

ePipes and eHookahs are an alternative eCigarette form and tend not be as widespread as traditional models. These items are usually novelty units and function in the same way as eCigarettes, however they’re not as easily accessible. Generally, they are custom made and hard to purchase in a retail setting.