With the right e-juice, anyone can make their own e-juice. But what is the best e-juice? It all depends on what you want. Some people just want cheap e-juice, but others want organic e-liquid. Still, others want to know where to buy the best CBD vape juice.

Regardless of your preferences, you are in luck. No matter what you are looking for, top brands have excellent options. There are also bargain-basement juices and juices that cost more than gold. In this article, we will explore some of the best e-juice flavors and the best e-liquid brands of 2021.

1. Jam Monster Strawberry vape liquid

The most prominent flavor of this blend is strawberry, but there are supporting notes of cream, vanilla, and other fruits to round out the e-juice. If you are looking for an e-liquid that tastes like strawberries, then this one’s for you. This juice has received positive comments from vapers all across the country who love its complex fruity flavor.

2. Cosmic Fog – Sour Melon vape juice

Cosmic Fog’s Sour Melon vape juice delivers a sweet, candy-like taste that will have you hooked from the first hit. If you love sweet but tangy flavors, you will love this. This flavor is perfect for the summertime because it gives off a strong, sweet scent to quest your thirst.

3. Transistor Ejuice – TangoMelon

The Tango Melon Ejuice by Transistor is a delicious cantaloupe-flavored vape juice. Tango Melon has a very sweet taste without being too sugary.

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