Making your own e-juice is a fun and easy project for any level of a DIY enthusiast. It also gives you complete control over what goes into your vape juice and can be beneficial if you are looking to cut down on nicotine or other ingredients.

The Cost

The cost of making your own e-juice depends on what kind of ingredients you use, but it can be way much cheaper than buying the premium ones. Prior to making your homemade e-juice, you need to get all the ingredients together.

The Ingredients

The main ingredient in any e-juice is nicotine, which can be purchased at any local store. If you have trouble finding this, then try searching online or even going down to the local pharmacy. You will also need propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin; these two ingredients can be found at a local smoke shop.

The Process

In order to make your own e-liquid, you are going to need some sort of mixing equipment like an eye dropper or pipette, a graduated cylinder for measuring and transferring liquids, and small containers for storing your newly made e-liquid.

Different flavors can be combined to make the ideal one when all ingredients are ready. Mixing nicotine with different fruit and candy flavors can result in a more satisfying taste.

Before you start mixing your own e-cigarettes, it is important that you read the labels on all of the ingredients for each one so that you will know what exactly is in each ingredient. Many people who have been mixing their own juices have reported having allergic reactions to some of the ingredients.

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